kai ♥ greens.

if you're anything like us at kai we spend the year eating right and working out... then come the holidays and heaven help us!  best intentions be gone!

we all have that certain place we love to go to get back on track. for us, it's drinking our greens for breakfast, lunch, and some days both. our place is called the vitamin barn here in malibu. facebook.com/TheVitaminBarn the juices and smoothies are so good they make you forget you're doing something that's good for you. depending on the mood, we are having the "all green drink" which just happens to be mostly greens, or the "lean protein formula". banana, almond milk and almond butter among other things make this shake especially yummy.

so, yes, the holidays are over and now it's time to give our bodies a break. fortunately with places like the vitamin barn it doesn't have to be a painful one.

happy juicing!




  1. Love Vitamin Barn & Sunlife for all my juicing needs here in the Bu!


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