dr. feelgood

it's that time of the year again and, yes, i caught the flu! i've been a follower of dr. schulze's for far too many years to mention. his SuperFood is in our morning smoothie every day. i, unfortunately, heard about his cold & flu herbal "shot" just a bit too late to avoid the flu altogether. fortunately, i was turned onto it a day after i caught the nasty bug. you need to start taking at the onset of symptoms. my husband and daughter started taking it right away and they avoided the flu altogther! i had the flu for one week and truly believe i'm lucky it only lasted that long. i've heard horror stories of the flu lingering for weeks!!

i can't endorse dr. schulze, due to legalities, but i thought i might put a "bug" in your head. all i can say is i don't know if it will work for you, but it helped me. before i buy i always check with my doctor and i strongly suggest the same to you. dr.schulze's formulae are not for everyone but worth a look and a check with your docta docta. herbdoc.com

stay well!


p.s. the dr. feelgood reference is an ode to our long time friend and kai fan, our love, tommy lee!

"god i can't stop burning these candles!! they keep me calm after the storm on stage!!" 
- tommy lee


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