kai and the city.

it was high time for a trip to new york to visit our accounts/buyers who have been so very good to us! being the fashionista that our v.p. of sales is, we decided there was no better time to send her than during fashion week! except for that blizzard thing. tyler braved the cold and had a winter blast. literally!  i'll let her take it from here.

like most of us at kai i am a california girl, born & raised, but give me the chance for a trip to new york and my bags are packed faster than you can say Balthazar!

before i started with kai - almost 8 years ago - i had only been to NYC briefly. my very first week with the company, gaye had me on a plane to visit stores & meet with our buyers. hello, Barneys! hello, Bendel's! kai was displayed so beautifully in these iconic stores and i was so proud - and we still are - that our niche brand has had a loyal following in these landmarks for 10 years going strong. i equally love visiting our boutique retailers in Greenwich Village, Soho and little gems of locations scattered throughout the city.

a couple years ago, kai began an ongoing partnership with designer Peter Som during fashion week. each season, the models who walk his show find a kai perfume oil in her model bag.

during fashion week i flew out for a visit. from shows to stores, take a look at the flurry of activity this trip. until spring… 
i ♥ NY!


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