"how lucky i am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

as hard as change is, it's inevitable.

that being said, let me apologize for going on and on, but this is an emotional one for me! last friday was bridget's last day at kai. she was my right hand woman, she was my go to, my everything. to be frank, this leaves a whole in my heart. i don't know how i'll live without her, but as always, one foot in front of the other so... the news is that bridget made the difficult decision to make a career change and we appluad her courage to make that change and follow her dream. all of us at kai have fought back tears for the last two and a half weeks. we adore bridget, she is truly our treasure and always will be! she started with us over 4 years ago when we decided we needed an assistant a couple days a week. we had set up a full day of interviews and bridget happened to be the first one. as soon as she left i told my sales team "we're done, she's the one, she's perfect!" they brought me back to my senses and told me we had to give the others a shot. the interviews quickly went from bad to worse once compared to bridget, my malibu girl! her two days a week almost immediately turned into five. our assistant turned into our executive administrative assistant and then into our art director who needed an assistant.

tyler, lisa, peter, and i have so many amazing memories of time spent together with bridget! my favorite was having her assist peter and me in planning our "secret wedding" party. she had only recently started when peter and i decided to get married two weeks after he proposed! needless to say, it didn't give us much time. bridget was in a pure panic because she simply can't lie, even if it was to surprise our guests. amazingly, we pulled off the wedding and it was spectacular. b and i had so much fun getting to know each other on a different level than just working together. she's really funny, brilliant, and beautiful inside and out. she has deeply, profoundly touched all of our hearts in her own special way and to be honest it's going to be hard to walk past her door and not see her there. we are truly a family here and we all love each other immensely, so it pretty much feels like our little one is moving out of the house and it's very bittersweet. we are incredibly happy for her, but she will be so very, truly missed!

i'm not exactly sure how or when this happened but at times i'll have to call in a meeting over the phone or send a group email to my team. we set up a time so everyone is in the same office for my call. they pick up and in unison say, "good morning charlie" (yes, there are three of them and the real charlie's angels have nothing on them -- they are all equally gorgeous) and i say, "good morning angels." so, please humor me for my usual sign off to my angel. this is for you bridget... I LOVE YOU!


there is no denying all the love we have for each other! you are my family and my best friends. the love and support you've given me during this time has been overwhelming and it tears my heart out to leave you, but i know this isn't goodbye.

gaye, you know i love you. i'm your mini me. you have taught me so many things that i will carry with me forever.

so... i'm off to a start a new chapter, but i wouldn't be who i am today without all of you and the incredible 4 years that we've shared.

and i will always be... right on top of that rose!



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