mother shucker

leave it to our resident taste maker and fashionista tyler to score a table, 36 seats total, at manhattan beach's latest gem of a restaurant. sister restaurant to hyper popular m.b. post is newly opened new england style fishing with dynamite. i'll leave it to ty from here to make us drool...


               photo credit: rick poon

"It's totally cool to Slurp Yo' Oysters!" ... permission to do so straight from the menu? we happily obliged!

we started off with a perfectly chilled bottle of rosé and an assortment of oysters, shrimp, scallops, and lobster served on ice. shucked live upon each order, these are the freshest oysters i've ever had. we alternated between saucing them up with cocktail, ponzu, pico de gallo and mignonette for the oysters then yuzu koshu mayo, saffron aioli, and remolaude for the shellfish, mmm-ing at each unique option. my personal favorite is the peruvian scallop. it's so beautiful! presented on a shell with a bit of grapefruit, it is simple & delicate.

next up? crab cakes (i made sure to include a sliver of dill pickle with each bite), hamachi sashimi, and rosemary fries -- perfectly crispy with a malt vinegar mayo on the side that we declared "magical!" also magical, our dessert. oh. my. goodness. pretzel and chocolate bread pudding with a salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. seriously? yes! salty-sweet-warm-cold-creamy heaven. (if you're not a seafood person, there are other options including pork belly, flat iron steak, and my recommendation: the faro and beet salad.)

all of this deliciousness resides in a chic, cozy space and how creative is the name Fishing with Dynamite? not only that, but the décor is super personal and with the staff's sunny energy you really feel like you're hanging out in Chef David LeFevre's cool little beach bungalow (which with his warm demeanor is exactly how he wants you to feel). also, his playlist jams! one of their signs proclaims "every pearl has its oyster" and FWD is truly a gem. you can take my word for it but Los Angeles Magazine recently named Fishing with Dynamite as the best oyster bar (just one of LeFevre's MANY accolades - check him out).

i happen to know that Chef David loves when his girlfriend wears kai. he told me, "kc wears it and i love it because it smells so fresh. not too flowery but not too sweet." ...and i wasn't even fishing for a compliment!


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