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one of my favorite interviews was with the new york based deuxmoi gals, founders of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle website deuxmoi.com. the 5 questions were so fun and unusual! the interview was some time ago and i've since found another favorite vacation spot (tulum!) but the rest remains basically the same.
five questions with gaye...
what are you currently craving?
a nice warm day on the beach
secret obsession?
once i tell you it won't be a secret!
hollywood crush?
the usual suspects, george clooney, ryan reynolds...
i would do just about anything for...?
if nobody ever found out i would...?
never tell anyone
gaye's favorites...

fragrance note in kai 

kai body product 
body butter

kai home product
we use the fine linen wash all the time because we are almost always in the water somewhere

kai oil or eau de parfum
eau de parfum in the morning then the oil for touch ups but i had to chose one it would be the perfume oil

gardenia or any white exotic that's not overpowering

helmut lang

shoe designer
havaianas and either louboutin or manolos

t-shirt brand
tank tops by velvet

sneaker brands
jack purcell smilies and nikes for working out

beauty products
révive, dr. schulze superfood, lots of water and elta md sunscreen

eb and armani

hair salon
nine zero one in west hollywood

water and wine but not necessarily in that order

vacation spot
los cabos but only when i am staying at...

one and only palmilla

café habana in malibu

place to shop
malibu, everything is within walking distance

we just launched our "lifestyle by kai" blog less than a year ago and i'm having lots of fun sharing bits and pieces of our lives here. i adore goop as well.

harpers bazaar and condé nast traveler

a small black leather over the should bag with copper studs all over it

i'm technologically challenged so i don't think this applies to me

housewarming gift
a corkcicle

veuve clicquot and caviar with all the accoutrements


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