secret garden

there is nothing more delicious than the simplicity and goodness of farm fresh goodness. even better? growing your own! recently, chloe told us about the garden she cultivated in their yard. her creativity inspired us all! big or small, seeing the fruits of your labor (pardon the pun) is so rewarding. so from chloe's little farm to her table, she's sharing a glimpse into her secret garden below.


growing up my mom had a small cutting garden filled with fresh herbs and roses. upon moving into my first place i wanted to recreate that simple, pure joy of incorporating your garden into your meals and home décor. however, santa monica living is much different from what i am used to in michigan. yet, we still were able to surround our cottage with an array of organic potted herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, flowers, and our very own lemon tree. every meal is better knowing that the sage flavor and lemon zest you are tasting came from your own garden. the best part? enjoying a farm to table meal amongst your garden...dinner al fresco!




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