paint job

je t'aime painted toes! think flips flops, slides, espadrilles and summertime. though i must admit i'm usually fairly subtle to nudes and naturals, in summer my little piggies are bright and quite often orange. a striking corally orange on tanned toes. no matter the color, the pedicure is fresh, sexy and oh so necessary. the perfectly polished pinkie has become as much of an accessory as an earring to the pierced ear. to that end i planned a field trip for my angels and i to have a mid-day break and some girl time at the hotter than hot salon olive & june. though i had to drop out last second, job hazard, my team made the trip without me and came back to the office putting their best, and lovingly lacquered, foot forward.


take it from here angels...
olive & june has received rave reviews since they last opened a year ago and every time we turn around we see more great press they're getting. we decided to take a mid-week break and check this little gem out for ourselves. tucked away from all the hustle and bustle in the heart of beverly hills, owner sarah tuttle greeted us into her oasis and we relaxed into what felt like ultra-comfy beach chairs. with so many high-end polishes to choose from we made our picks, sat back, and relaxed. the highlight was the foot massage enhanced with our kai body lotion - heaven! ask for THE OLIVE pedi so you can get the kai experience. breath it in... aah. now, back to the office.


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