we be jammin'

forever on the prowl and never one to shy away from a new work out, dare i say i think i may have found my favorite of all time? just down the road from our offices is a little dance/exercise studio hidden behind gates. by no means let this unassuming facade fool you, nor the stature of the woman who founded it. that would be a mistake and a big one at that. if you think you're going to just waltz in there and well, waltz around that's not going to happen. once the music starts neda, the owner/teacher of JAM, becomes almost possessed. the spirit truly moves this tiny dancer and very soon you, too. leave your inhibitions at the door for one of the sweatiest most exhilarating hours you'll ever spend. i'm happy to say i think my search is finally over.

            JAM owner and instructor neda soderqvist


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