beach baby

life is about celebrating its meaningful moments! my team at kai is like a family so the meaningful moments they share with the special people in their lives become little celebrations we share as extended family. have a look below for a glimpse into a beautiful such occasion tyler put together at one of our local malibu gems...
there are certain celebrations in life we are fortunate enough to experience; recently i did so with a beautiful group of women and had the honor of planning a baby shower for amy, whom i have shared many of these moments with since we solidified our best friendship with "be- fri-" / "-st -ends" heart charms in 6th grade. (she let me choose the "be fri side of the heart -- thanks, aim!)
i wanted to make her day unique and special yet remain understated and casual, per amy's request for nothing over the top and so the malibu farm pier cafe was the perfect locale -- an ocean view, fresh air, clean and simple décor and an organic farm-to-table spread. helena, joey and their team could not have been more helpful in organizing the day and i worked with the lovely & creative jennifer & nicole at fiore to create centerpieces and simple bouquets to line the tables, plus a special "big sister" arrangement for amy's daughter, lucy (who also just happens to be the most darling 7 year old on the planet). we were graced with a clear malibu day and feted our mama-to-be under the sun.
...and of course our guests couldn't leave without a favor. what could be more fitting? a bundle of kai to leave everyone's skin feeling as soft as a baby's bottom.


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