eternally grateful

the kindness of people never ceases to amaze me. it usually comes out of the blue which always makes a good day better and turns a bad day right around. receiving emails from our lovely clientele makes me poke my head out of my bubble and realize how truly lucky i am that people appreciate the work. some of my favorites are from men saying how much they adore the scent of kai on a loved one. others are from those simply thanking me for creating the range. it's such a nice suprise to see or hear what our devotees have to say about kai. here are a few quotes from some of our more recognizable devotees. i hope you enjoy reading these as much as i have.


"my dad tells me i smell like an angel every time he gives me a kiss...doesn't get any better than that!" -minnie driver

"god i can't stop burning these candles!! they keep me calm after the storm on stage!!" -tommy lee

"i love kai's roll-on fragrance. it's fresh, not too strong. there's a bit of gardenia in there, which makes it lovely." -naomi watts

any favorite scent on a women? "yes... kai - it smells very clean. shower fresh" -usher

" smells tropical - like gardenia flowers." -kate bosworth

"sometimes i'll wear kai on set, and ryan's like, 'you smell so good! what is that?'" -giuliana rancic

"i just got a big ol' box of kai stuff!!! i'm in heaven!!!" -pink


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