surfers delight

lisa took her beau to mexico to celebrate their anniversary. 10 years! she came back nicely tanned and smiling ear to ear. i'll let her fill you in on what sounds like a phenomenal way to kick off another ten years.

wanting to celebrate our 10 year anniversary we decided on mainland mexico for the great beaches and surf. we stayed at hotel cinco in punta de mita, named after the five surf breaks in the area managed by horacio & rodrigo who were beyond helpful. this was a gift for my love as surf is his passion. we enjoyed days spent surfing (him), lounging on the beach (me), SUPing (both), relaxing on my perch on the roof top deck while working up an appetite for the most delish shrimp tacos at favorite local spot, la cabana for lunch and for dinner we loved si senor's so much we ate there twice - it's that good!
it was such a wonderful experience to revisit a region that i had last traveled to 28 years ago. walking along the cobblestone roads in puerto vallarta el centro near the mercado and stepping into the church of our lady of guadalupe brought back memories recalling a special evening around the holidays - walking in a procession with everyone wearing white, holding candles and singing into the cool night air. it was a magical time i will never forget and i was so happy to stand in the same place many years later with my love.
driving along a two lane highway flanked with lush greenery to the quaint little town of sayulita got us excited to experience the cool artsy shops, juice bar, bakery, shopping and more surfing and lounging beach side. we found mi buen to start our day with a shake, relaxed at the beach, then headed to naty's cocina for the best tacos in town (get the chicken mole) along with a perfect blend of jaimica (hibiscus) aqua fresca!

while staying in punta de mita for the surf we ventured onto the st. regis property and enjoyed a day by the pool sipping watermelon margaritas and enjoying lunch with our feet in the sand... another beautiful day in paradise.
what a wonderful way to start our next 10 years together doing what we love - lounge, beach, surf, and, of course, eat! we will be back soon.

hasta luego,


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