te amo tulum

my husband and i just returned from a much needed getaway in tulum. we didn't do much of anything while we were there which is exactly what we had out sights set on. swimming, walking the beach and hanging out with friends we've made there from prior visits were the only things on our to-do list. usually when we travel i'll have some cool stuff picked out in advance and we'll do that cool stuff, adventurous stuff. but not this time. this time was to be spent purely just "being". 
normally, i'm not very good at that but this trip i was very good at that. it was important, even necessary. you see, my husband and i helped my aunt care take my sweet mother for the 8+ months she was very sick. a month and a half after losing her and the subsequent cleaning out of her home and memorial planning had left us both utterly depleted, completely exhausted and somewhat hollow. grateful she was no longer in pain but so desperately sad to lose her. we needed to fuel our souls. to spend time together and laugh. to be with good friends. no schedule to be kept except for dinner plans. "want to swim out to the reef?" was the extent of our itinerary. and it was fantastic! 
i guess sometimes the best laid plans are not to have any and if you were to tell me a year ago that i would say that? ever? i would have never believed you. like i said, it wasn't a terribly exciting trip but it was hands down the best trip of our lives. i will treasure that trip and be forever grateful for those 3 amazing days and 4 beautiful nights.




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