bon voyage, kai style

i'm fanatical about researching before i travel. i'm always pretty clear on what i want and with info coming in left and right from reviews on the web you have a pretty good idea of what you're getting before you get there. just make sure you ask questions about things important to you and your family...before you go. i've gone to a hotel for r&r only to get there and have the pool closed. not cool. personally i'm sold on tripadvisor. i love to hear from the vacationers point of view. on top of that, i trust reviewers far more than a paid advertisement. albeit a bit late to the party, my team and i have compiled our favorite vacation spots for those of you still looking.

safe travels!!!


my pick will be paris. i'd been many times before but when we went two years ago i fell in love all over again and it was better than ever. i adore the bohemian feel of the left bank so we stay there as it makes for great walking through the latin quarter along with the 6th/7th arrondissements. the tuileries, the louvre, the sadly now-gone love locks, saint-germain-des-pres, and even disney paris. the weather was perfect and the city of light, never one to disappoint, was as usual, achingly gorgeous! ~gaye

i'm a big fan of staycations (no packing!) and after a beach day we'll head into downtown manhattan beach stop in here for the raw bar and a glass of rose: (named best oyster bar by Los Angeles Magazine). truly, the best i've ever had! ~tyler
one of my favorite vacation spots is san jose del cabo because it's a quick flight to warm ocean water and sunshine. the updated cabo surf hotel is the perfect place to relax at the pool while watching the surf, then stroll over to their amazing restaurant or better yet, order poolside. if you don't know how to surf, it's a great place to learn and has great waves for avid surfers all right out in front of the hotel; you never have to leave! it's a relaxed and casual vibe with great ambiance...until next time... ~lisa
grace bay club is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and relaxing places i've ever been...just when you feel you've had your fair share of turks and caicos sun, expect a perfectly timed pool or beach-side delivery of fresh fruit sorbet, making your lounge that much more enjoyable. ~lauren
i've been lucky enough to escape to maui each summer with my family for as long as i can remember. for an unforgettable experience, i recommend watching the sunrise from the haleakala is well worth the 3 a.m. wake up call, just make sure you bring a jacket (or a blanket from your hotel!) to keep warm. stop for macadamia pancakes at the old kula lodge on the drive back down the volcano. what an amazing start to the day, and you've earned your nap by the pool! ~katie


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