thinking outside the box

boxing is in my blood. i'm pretty sure it's because my dad loved the sport so much and he was such a huge influence in my life. i was his mini me. what he loved i loved, so it's a bit of a tribute to him that i embrace the sport in such a way. dad would take us to fights, we would watch them on tv, we bet on fights, you name it. if there was a fight on somewhere, we were talking about it (don't get me started on the mayweather/pacquiao snooze. i literally fell asleep in the ninth round). so i guess it comes as no surprise that i took up boxing as a form of exercise maybe 15 years ago. not kick boxing but the real deal, down and dirty boxing in a ring.
it was at bob dylan's private gym (talk about a cool guy but that's a whole other story) and i was instantly hooked but then i got injured and during my hiatus my trainer moved....but i loved it. i seriously loved that workout and seriously missed that workout. that being said, i'm happy to say that i've recently picked it up again since being turned onto my amazing trainer, johnathan ingram, owner of work it off gym where i go when i'm in the desert.
a competitive martial artist in his youth and a professional football player for over 7 years has served johnathan well, making him super-knowledgeable in the fitness field. he's a really smart, nice guy on top of being a kick ass trainer. and johnathan is really good at what he does! meaning this workout is not for the faint of heart. it's so hard sometimes i feel like i need to throw up and other days just the thought of my workout makes me want to turn my car around and crawl into bed. but i go and i'm soooo happy after i'm done. it seems boxing classes are popping up all over now so if you get a chance give it a shot. if you're anything like me you will be addicted before the end of the first round.


p.s. don't let me scare you off. johnathan's workout is only as hard as you want to make it; i just tend to drive myself really hard!


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