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i'm thrilled to be able to introduce tori praver on our kai blog. i can't say enough about this inspiring and generous glimpse tori has allowed us. the obvious, she's simply stunning! more than that, but that word means a lot to me and i don't know if i have a better description. anyway, that's just the tip of the iceberg. tori, and her amazingly hard-working mom, lori, made this project so very fun and really interesting. did i say easy? cause i should have mentioned that. i hope you enjoy the fantastic answers tori has given. i loved them!! beautiful, smart and sweet. thank you, tori, i really didn't know people like you existed anymore!

how do you embody kai's breath * life * flow lifestyle?
from the first time that i smelled kai, i have been obsessed. it has this very unique, tropical scent that reminds me of home in hawaii, so i was hooked from the start. sometimes i just use the kai perfume oil as aromatherapy to take me back. i grew up on an island so the ocean and nature have always been a big part of my life. i don't spend too much time on hair and makeup but always make sure i use perfume because i love a good scent. i really feel like kai is the perfect scent to go along with my busy and active lifestyle, while still keeping me humble and down to earth because it reminds me of where i come from.

what's the best advice you've ever received?
to take advantage of every day because life is short and to never have any regrets.

what's your beauty secret? 
drink lots of water! it's the simplest thing that has so many benefits for your skin, body, and even your digestion. i try to drink at least 70oz a day. i can't live without sunscreen and lip gloss. they are my daily essentials.
go-to lipstick color?
nars - in cruising for a natural look or cruella if i'm feeling a red lip.

what color nail polish are you wearing right now?
essie's wicked - it's my all-time favorite!

who is your role model?
my mom - she is so amazing in so many ways. i have always looked up to her as a mother, as a business woman and just an all-around strong, badass female. i feel very lucky to have her in my life.

how would you describe your personal style?
bohemian with a touch of rock n roll. i love to wear a floral or lace dress with a leather biker jacket.
what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to?
i love the small town community that we have in malibu. it really reminds me of home in hawaii in many ways. the super safe, beach town is exactly where i imagined raising my children. we love this little local, organic juice spot called sunlife. we go almost every day for a fresh juice or green smoothie. my daughter loves the acai and pitaya bowls for an after school snack. there is also an amazing yoga studio upstairs that has a hot vinyasa class i live for.

describe your perfect day.
sundays are my favorite - i love to wake up with my daughter and make pancakes with her like my mom did for me every sunday when i was a kid. then we would head down to the beach, play and maybe surf a bit. and then finish the day off with a bbq at my house with friends and family.

favorite date spot?
via veneto in santa monica - it's a tiny little italian spot on main street that is just so romantic and the food is as good as in italy, believe it or not!

ultimate getaway? 
my annual trip to bali - it's always magical and so special.
favorite food?
it's a toss-up between sushi and my mom's home cooking.

guilty pleasure?
dark chocolate and red wine.

kai obsession?
the dry oil spray (kai body glow). i love to use the spray when i'm home in hawaii because it's the perfect amount of moisture for the humid weather. plus it gives your skin a gorgeous glow, not to mention the amazing scent.

morning person or night owl?
night owl.

currently craving?
coffee - it's one of the things i just love and crave every day around 4. the smell even makes me happy.

ideal way to relax and unwind?
i do yoga at least 3 times a week. it's the best way for me to check out and focus on myself. it allows me to relax and focus on my breath and energy. i always feel so amazing and rejuvenated after a good yoga class.

what's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
i have been skydiving twice, which was such an incredible experience.

do you have a mantra you live by?
now is the time -- if not now, when?



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