shine the light

last friday humanity was dealt a horrific blow. our beloved city of light dimmed by despicable, disgusting and cowardly acts. i'm not a politician. i realize i'm embarrassingly ignorant about foreign policy and i consider myself spiritual rather than religious. that's my background. but feeling glued to the tv and reading anything i could get my hands on this past weekend regarding the parisian terror attacks i came away with a take i didn't see coming. i saw the best of people in the worst of nightmares. i saw fear succumb to defiance. and i saw hope. in the reports i heard of posts going round #prayforparis and #parisisaboutlife among others. this made me feel better almost immediately. no idea why. i then did a bit more looking about and stumbled upon... i don't know what even to call it? a gem? no. but close. i believe in the power of the word and i found one a couple of months ago that i adored but really was too special to use. til now.

beau ideal, a french term meaning ideal beauty, epitome, perfect model.

i saw my beau ideal in this, #porteouverte. it literally took my breath away. meaning open door or door open. i'm not sure the particulars but from what i can understand, parisians were using this tag on social media to open their homes to those who may not be able to get to safety. to strangers. most were aimed at american strangers. the love and selflessness i felt was overwhelming. there are so many postings. the languages spoken in the home, the arrondissement, etc. my point is these things make us stronger in our desire for freedom. our conviction more resolute. because we have hope.

the heartbreak of those touched personally in paris and beyond is more than i can imagine. my thoughts and prayers go out to them.

j'aime paris,



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