kai conversations... with tommy lee

rarely i find myself at a loss for words but what can i say about tommy lee? seeing i've only met the man once years ago and conversation was short due to the fact we were in a small, hot, very loud, 20 person capacity room now hosting 30, where tommy held court to an eclectic group of invitees rapt in his presence. i know it sounds a bit over the top but honestly we were rapt! watching as tommy spun with a headset propped over one ear. cigarette in one hand and drink in the other while being the night's entertainment? don't ask me how but he made it work and he made it fun! crazy fun!

the man is an entertainer, an artist, and honestly one of the nicest people i've ever met! as i said there wasn't a whole lot of chatting going on and you pretty much had to yell to be heard but let me premise the following conversation with the fact that tommy lee has been a longtime kai devotee and we are incredibly blessed to have him in our corner. beyond charismatic and charming, receiving a box of kai goodies from tommy lee made kelly ripa "feel like a kid on christmas morning" as they sat on the floor, legs criss-cross, opening the bounty he'd brought her to the set. i'm sure tommy's excitement from watching added a whole other dimension to the fun he seems to bring to pretty much everything he does. and that's just one example of very many things he's done for us. and it's only because he loves kai as we've never asked anything of him till this blog. from surprising tweets to turning people onto kai to actually opening two accounts from stores he told needed to sell it. but back to our meeting that our dear mutual friend jenna barnes of the karacter group set up after she'd found he was in love with the scent. i had no idea.

jenna: "tommy, i want to introduce you to gaye from kai."

tommy: "i love you gaye!" (shouting as he jumped on me wiht a huge hug and fat kiss!)

me: "i love you too!" (with just a little too much enthusiasm...)

like i said it was short but i'll not forget it anytime soon.

take a look at the blog he wrote on his favorite vacation spot. i want to go!! and make sure to visit him on instagram, or should we say, at tommyland.

wanna know where the most heavenly spot in the world is? gili lankanfushi! it's located in the maldives. this beauty also has the largest over-water villa in the world (seen in the background) here my kids brandon and dylan and fiancee sophia had the pleasure of staying in for our christmas holiday! it's one hell of a flight to get there but it's worth every bit of time and money!! i won't try describing its beauty... i wouldn't be doing it any justice...it would be like trying to describe a song...or my favorite gardenia fragrance ;) it's something that must be felt, tasted and experienced!! it's a must see place. trust me, i've been to many exotic islands and gili lankanfushi wins...
~tommy lee


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