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with mother's day fast approaching i thought it would be nice to have everyone on our kai team write down a few pearls of wisdom that their mom/mother figure (which in so many cases is just as important and impressive) passed onto them over the years.

my sweet mom was one of the kindest souls that ever lived. she taught us to give more than you get and to love unconditionally but the biggest take away my mom gave me was to "always choose happiness" because it truly is a choice. in our day to day it's so easy to go the other direction but it is a choice and the thing is choosing happiness is easier. we've all heard it takes more muscles to frown than to smile and it makes you feel better on top of it! so when i get down or even worse, "cranky", i think of my mom and i choose happiness. thanks mom, i miss you more than ever. i love you.

the thing i am most proud of my mom for is instilling in us the constant drive of living a healthy and happy life. she gets up at 5 am for a hike and bike ride and won't stop until she goes to bed at night. i want to give her all the credit for making me into the fortunate man i am who knows how to knit, sew and cook among other things. mami, i am so proud of you for staying so strong after losing the love of your life, my sweet pappi, of 56 plus years. happy mother's day to you mami, i love you.
~ peter
"take care of your skin. take the time to follow a good regimen every day... and get facials!"
"you are a reflection of those you surround yourself with."
"i don't make resolutions, i just try and be the best me every day."
~ tyler 

honoring the divine mother in all women today and every day. i've learned so much from my mother and have been blessed enough to have, what i like to call, my "fairy godmothers" throughout my life. here's a few words of wisdom they've shared through the years that have stood the test of time and really resonate with me...
be kind to others (period).
don't dim your light for anyone. shine bright!
we all have our own special gifts to share with the world; don't be afraid to be different - embrace being perfectly imperfect.
enjoy today! take risks - tomorrow is not guaranteed. be here now.
appreciate your beauty. my 72-year-young godmother ahs always said throughout the years - "appreciate how you look now honey, because it's all heading south! enjoy it while you've got it." sending love to all the mothers and daughters out there.
~ lisa
"you get what you get and you don't get upset."
"treat people the way you want to be treated."
"make one mistake in your life that you can't go back on."
"we all come into this world wearing diapers and we all leave wearing diapers."
~ lauren
"do good."
"when life gets tough, lean on family and friends and have a sense of humor."
"get yearly mammograms!"
~ katie
my mom  has taught me so many important life lessons over the course of my life and continues to do so. i am eternally grateful. here are a few of her pearls of wisdom:
"it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice."
"the most important things in life are faith, family, and a good sense of humor."
"always try to pay it forward with acts of kindness every day of your life. the cost is little, but the reward is rich."
"if you behave as good as you look, you'll be all set."
"you get more with honey than you do with vinegar."
~ sara
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lastly, i want to say something about the love of my life, who is a mom herself. when i met gaye gaye 25 years ago, i fell in love with her right then and there. only 17 years later after only seeing each other a handful of times over all these years out paths crossed again and i knew right then and there that i will never let go of her again. thankfully the feeling was mutual. this was meant to be and with no doubt will last for the rest of our lives. i have to say that i wish all children would have the kind of mom she has been to our children. she is the most caring, loving and patient mother i have ever met.
happy mother's day, my love.


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