don't judge a book by its cover

i was warned, more than a few times, that this blog about this book might not sit well with some people. that it may offend, and if it upsets you i apologize in advance. but i think if you can take it on its face and the way i believe was intended you may feel, like i, that there's an important message here. and i've taken it upon myself to spread the word. i can't tell you how many friends i've gifted this book to!
the title of this book speaks volumes. i know, it's a bit in your face but you can switch that word for something a little more benign. essentially what it boils down to is that there are only so many things in your life that you can give heavy weight to. what truly matters to you, things you really care about that you need to, make that what you have to give an "f" about. your marriage, your kids, your health, your job. these things need your utmost attention. but what about going to an acquaintance's house warming or a friend's mother in law's birthday party? do you really want to spend your precious evening going because you feel obligated? or guilt tripped into? there's the rub. it's not about hurting people's feelings or being a jerk. it's about feeding your soul by freeing yourself. to steal from author sarah knight's footer on the cover "how to stop spending time you don't have with people you don't like doing things you don't want to do." when you decide to not care about what people really think of you or getting dolled up to go to the market. even going to an event you'd really rather not... the time and stress saved are beyond measure leaving more time for you and those you love. sarah knight had me at page 16 when she asks you to ask yourself "am i stressed out, overbooked, and/or underwhelmed by life?" i'm never underwhelmed by life, quite the opposite really. but stressed out? overbooked??? i'll take two please!!!



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