hope floats

i was recently introduced to the concept of floating (float therapy is essentially a pod-like bath filled with body temperature water containing 1200 lbs. of epsom salt). the trick here is the salt makes for seamless floating while leaving you blissfully relaxed. it seems to be a brilliant therapy, so long as you're comfortable in the water, as advocates claim it helps with insomnia, poor circulation, pain management and promotes healing and recovery among other things. needless to say, i made a beeline there. it's a really neat idea that i was drawn to because, honestly, i'm always drawn to alternative medicine.

i was awfully intrigued and ready to "jump in" but that had to wait til after my session in the cryotherapy chamber. burrrrr!!! the way it was explained to me, "the technician fills the chamber with nitrogen vapor thus dropping the skin temperature from between -100 to -150 degrees below fahrenheit". you definitely do not want to get in there with a head of wet hair, even though your head remains outside the chamber. i admit it, i'm a baby when it comes to being cold and i hesitated before taking my "leap of faith". but i got in and after the initial shock, it wasn't that bad even though i was jumping up and down while trying to mentally count down the three minutes i promised myself to finish. i made it and i felt really good afterward. the benefits i've heard touted around from cryotherapy ranges from increased blood circulation and energy to weight loss and reduced anxiety. not to mention the many benefits it is supposed to have on your skin. i'm not sure it's for everyone but i loved it.


p.s. i'm not a doctor and i don't know if the claims these chambers make are real so please don't try either one of these before talking to yours.
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