i know what you did last summer

we try to take two vacations each summer as travel is a huge passion of mine. chalk it up to the fact that vacation 1 was fairly impossible to live up to after our trip to punta mita in early june.  at any rate, we decided to try the whole staycation thing for our second holiday. in a word it was a blast. with an unspoken rule between my husband and i that work was kept to a minimum, we took full advantage of the perfect weather and did the beach almost every day or at least part of every day… and we did the tourist thing. you know, the stuff you don’t do when you live there because it’s there and you can do it anytime you want to but never do. whew! escape rooms, la brea tarpits, lacma, the aquarium, ripley’s believe it or not and madame tussaud's to name a very few. throw in some incredible backyard barbecues and being able to be with our dogs every day made our staycation a real vacation. upshot? no packing and my own bed! 

this is what we did last summer.



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