where the sun shines by the bay

san francisco is one of my favorite cities in the country. period. lucky for me, i recently had the opportunity to spend a couple days with a good friend in the city by the bay. with perfect weather, one sunshiny and the other a bit gray and cozy, we did the city right and we did it well. doing a bit of advance research as well as going to "those in the know" (thank you, tyler), we simply had a blast! from thrilling cable car rides--depending on the conductor--with requisite and often choreographed bells, to memorable meals and theater. too much fun!
being told neiman marcus was a "must do"--i know, eating at a department store was not at the top of my list, either--we had a stunningly beautiful brunch. the amuse-bouche of chicken broth, as well as an out of this world popover (love the strawberry jam), were the shining stars in my opinion. honestly i could eat those things all day.
armed with full tummies we were ready for an afternoon of shopping and even more eating. although the shopping and sightseeing were great the best part was just catching up and planning our next getaway. label intensive union square, people watching at the water front, fun shopping, and mouth-watering restaurants. cool while being sophisticated and cosmopolitan, i always leave my heart in san francisco.


p.s. it helps when you have an easygoing travel companion. thank you, susan!


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