everything's coming up roses

a long time in the making and a lot of work went into our new scent, kai *rose, and i'm extremely proud of it! such a great pleasure to hear all the feedback.

take a look a what people are saying about kai *rose.

"meet kai rose--or what we're calling a rose scent for people who don't like rose scents... it's sweet, graceful, breezy--and for our money, what most of california will smell like this summer." - allure magazine, may 2017
"when you first smell it in the tube, it smells JUST like a rose. clean, crisp, and floral. then, after applying it, all the tropical scents start to come out as well. yum. i've been a fan of kai ever since i first smelled it eight or so years ago, and needless to say, i'm a fan of kai *rose as well. i think a lot of people will be." - rebekah steen, goldfish kiss

"the gardenia and white flower blend you've loved for decades is still present, but the addition of a rose note gives the almost tropical scent an elegant twist." - instyle.com
"the new rose fragrance is amazing. i'm in LOVE. so fresh and sexy. can't wait for it to be a part of the whole line." - bridget regan, actress

"i will admit that sometimes the smell of rose in products can miss the mark and feel old-fashioned--and that's coming from someone whose middle name is rose, so i generally like rose-themed anything. but kai *rose is a fresh and subtle take on the classic note. think sitting in a beautiful english garden of roses, but you're drinking a glass of prosecco instead of a cup of tea." - allure.com
"we'd pretty much given up on ever wearing rose again, until gaye straza at kai worked her magic and created kai *rose, which smells nothing like your grandmother." - evan hosie, daily candid news

"the new rose scent is hands down one of the most divine smells i have ever rolled on my wrists and takes me back to somewhere in my childhood. i just can't pinpoint it but perhaps the smell of the many rose gardens in my hometown of bath, england." - jodi shays, owner of queen bee salon and spa

"i have been getting compliments on how good i smell ALL DAY!" - liz pino, spray tanner/waxer at queen bee salon and spa

"i absolutely adore your new scent! it's so light and airy, i can smell it all day long, i love it!" - kristy torpin, queen bee salon and spa
"so exciting! i smell another winner!!!" - catherine moellering, gmm, anthropologie & co.

"OM gosh... LOVE!!! it's so pretty...just tried it on... can't wait to see how it smells in a little while."
"four hours later... still pretty!" - maureen, tabula rasa essentials

"i just have to tell you that i am totally obsessed with the new rose, it is amazing! it is a great addition to the kai family!" - tamara, cream beauty

"i had to tell you i'm seriously obsessed with the new scent! when you guys have more products with this scent let me know!" - chelsea, pink laundry


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