festa della mamma

you may know i lost my sweet mom just over 2 years ago. i miss her and it still makes me so sad. she was kind, classy, elegant and beautiful. but too many tears to go on here. suffice it to say, i was blessed with the best parents one could wish for.
but this year i'm switching it up to pay tribute to my dear mother in law. kristin, one of the strongest women i've ever met. sadly peter's sweet father passed just one year after my mom. kristin and luis were together over 50 years. the devastation would find me living under a rock. but her persistence and fortitude of putting one foot in front of the other makes for a courage and ability to continue living her life though she lost the love of hers. she's on a ski team, used to be on the italian world tour back in the day, and goes as often as the italian alps allow. that's on top of her weekly bike ride to the lake where the family has a heavenly slice of land, and weekly card games with friends give her a purpose to never cause room for pity. personally, i don't think she'd put up with it. a great wife, loving mother and doting grandmother. along with the kids still living this-close in italy makes sure she stays in a good, or as good as possible place making her journey a bit easier.
so kristin, this goes out to you from the bottom of my heart. i couldn't be more proud to call you family.

happy mother's day!



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