a multi-layered kai story

it’s been over 20 something years since i decided to turn my little creation into a business. as far as the business end of business goes, i knew basically nothing. what i did know was that i’ve always known what i liked, what i wanted and my “likes and dislikes” are fairly instantaneous. putting it mildly, i’m a very quick shopper. that being said, finding a lotion to use with fragrant deodorant i had at home, or the lingering scent from body wash i just used blending together and causing havoc on my nose? don’t start me on throwing shampoo and conditioner in the mix. shopping for product was torture. and i adore beautiful scents! i just don’t like them constantly bickering for attention and let’s face it, some scents just don’t play well with others.
photo by wellboxed
so my idea was to come out with a full range of body care with a bit of candles and home line based around layering kai throughout different applications. i thought, “the perfume is selling. kai needs a lotion.” little by little, the additions began and long story short, the start of a single-scent line meant to be layered from morning to night was born. one scent. lovely, light, clean and fresh. and that was great for a very long time until i thought i should bring something else to the party.
enter kai*rose. a perfume exclusively produced to layer with another. during a leap of faith our second scent was added to enrich and change your layering experience by combining kai*rose with any product from the kai range. though it was intended to be layered with kai, kai*rose is insanely beautiful on its own. a bit more sophisticated while still being true to its roots. think: a glamorous woman who never needs make up, wears her hair back and makes everything look effortless. that’s how i think of her. and she’s approachable. and affable.
photo by bglowing 
a splash of kai in kai*rose makes this scent vaguely familiar while the rose surprises and turns it in a completely different direction.

we hope you love it and we hope you layer it.


with many kai*rose products to follow, please look for updates!


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