my heart will go on

we recently went to the ronald reagan library to see the titanic exhibit. never having been before, i was stunned by the beauty and serenity you feel immediately upon entering the grounds along with a bit of weight the place deserves whatever your political leanings. you really can’t help but have your breath taken away when you lay eyes on the centerpiece of the garden, a large graffiti ridden piece of the berlin wall. one of the most profound things i’ve ever seen. like i said, takes your breath away.
with a view that goes on forever the library is a place you just want to bring a good book, sit on a bench outside and breath in the fresh air and silence. going there to really only see the titanic exhibit, i was taken aback by the solemn respect shown by maybe 99% of the diverse crowd.
the titanic exhibit at the reagan library was just a fun little spur of the moment field trip. having not seen the movie, can’t do long ones even at home, i knew next to nothing about the titanic, the passengers or the sinking. the docents are incredibly eager to help show you about while they spice the walk with some flavor they’ve surely added. authentic artifacts such as pocket watches, a deck chair and in my eyes one of the most heroic vestiges, sheet music found clutched in bandleader wallace hartley”s hands. impressive, he refused to stop playing as the ship sank. married with some props (one of the life boats), costumes and sets from cameron’s blockbuster helps make the exhibit come to life. what i did know, the ship was labeled “unsinkable and it was her maiden voyage” was only made more interesting.
the titanic exhibit runs through the beginning of the year if you happen to find yourself this way!



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