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what are you waiting for?

honestly, we gather, we save, we wait. for what? the right time, the perfect event, a black tie dinner? but think about it, we have no idea what tomorrow might bring so use the good stuff!
i remember when i first moved to malibu forever ago i went to a new friend’s house, in our swimsuits, for a quick break from the beach sun and a bite to eat. we had simple sandwiches and chips. yum. but the most surprising bit was that we ate on her grandmother’s fine china wiping our mugs with linen napkins. for lunch. i was more than a little impressed as it was completely unexpected, decadent and lovely. i felt special that she put out the effort just for me but then quickly realized she did that for every meal. doesn’t matter, it gave me a take away i doubt i’ll ever forget. use the china, linens, the nice bottle of wine you got as a gift and your dressed down “saving that” dress, shoes and bag. i know, you might chip the china, stain your dress but you will have used something that otherwise may never see the light of day.
we put our hard earned money into these precious things then rarely use them but that’s why we bought them in the first place! to be enjoyed and appreciated….used, worn, eaten and drank.

your family and guests will love it. the effort is small but the effect is tremendous!


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