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foray collective has become our team's go-to site for a daily dose of outfit inspiration from real women with cutting edge style. it's no wonder the beauty and brains behind the site, founded by kaitlynn carter, tiana haraguchi and allison beal, are modern muses themselves. here, along with foray team members abby varinsky and kelsey white, they answer our kai questionnaire and leave no doubt in our minds that these women have serious influence. enjoy!

foray's founders - kaitlynn carter, tiana haraguchi, and allison beal

how do you embody kai's "breath * life * flow" lifestyle?
kaitlynn: well, i certainly always aspire to embody this lifestyle. in the most literal sense, i practice meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga on a regular basis. but bigger picture, i think the lifestyle is just about being present--enjoying all the chaos and the unpredictable and learning to appreciate it.

allison: i've recently made a few changes in my daily life that have really helped ground my days and center my mind. i used to start each day by immediately looking at my phone but have recently stopped. it's a hard habit to change but i've noticed by simply not starting the day by reading emails that need to be answered my whole perspective shifts. i spend the first 30 minutes of my day now trying to cuddle my son as he squirms around the bed. i then take a shower and right when the steam has filled the room i take 10 deep and focused breaths and say something i am grateful for. these small and simple changes allow me to focus on the bigger picture and set the stage for the entire day.

tiana: i make sure to live life to the fullest and appreciate every day. staying active, eating clean and maintaining a consistent beauty and skincare regimen is really important to me. i also make sure to set aside time to meditate and be alone, no matter how busy i get!

abby: i try not to overreact or panic when i am stressed, i try not to overcomplicate my own thoughts, and i try to get as much exercise as possible.

kelsey: by reminding myself to always stay present.

what's the best advice you've ever received? 
allison: learn the difference between need and want, and prioritize. every time i start to lose my footing, i remember this and recenter my life around what truly matters.

tiana: there's no such thing as luck. you get what you work for, not what you wish for!

abby: i can't think of one off the bat, but whoever advised me to always be friendly, kind and professional really set my career up for success. thanks, whoever that was!

kelsey: be curious.
tiana haraguchi
are you a morning person or a night owl?
kaitlynn: i am definitely a morning person. i'm up at around 6:30/7 each day. i am super productive in the morning, but by late afternoon i am usually pretty hard to motivate! i like to unwind early and be in bed by 9!

tiana: night owl!

kelsey: morning person.

what's your beauty secret? or must have beauty product? 
allison: i recently picked up a bottle of sunday riley good genes and man is this stuff good! it's a lactic acid treatment and it stings a little when you first start using it but it really works.  it's even helped with some sun spots that darkened during pregnancy.

tiana: a great highlighter is crucial. it gives a subtle but beautiful glow and helps contour your cheekbones. laura mercier and dior's are amazing.

abby: a good friend of mine is a cosmetic chemist. she always helps me read labels and has taught me what works and what is just jargon. she often makes me potions herself, which i guess i would call my beauty secret.

kelsey: the skin care line from skin worship.

who is your role model?
tiana: sheryl sandberg. she has contributed so much to the world of social media and digital advertising, and her concept of leaning in has helped to make me a better leader.

abby: both of my parents, and all of my friends from childhood. we call ourselves the great 8, i promise they all live up to the name.

kelsey: my grandma
kaitlynn carter
how would you describe your personal style?
kaitlynn: i think it's a bit eclectic, but also practical and feminine.

tiana: clean and minimalistic but with a hint of edge. i love basic colors, especially black and white, and a great shoe to dress things up. hoop earrings are also a must.

abby: classic with a touch of "that's super weird".

kelsey: relaxed, chic, simple.

go-to lipstick color?
allison: i've always been a go big or go home lipstick type of gal. i either wear a bold red or nothing at all. rightnow my favorite red is YSL's glossy lip stain in rouge gouache.

tiana: velvet teddy by mac.

abby: charlotte tilbury pillow talk.

kelsey: mac spirit.

what color nail polish are you currently wearing?
kaitlynn: i typically like to wear earth tones like taupes, browns, nudes... but right now i'm wearing a sparkly copper! i love this for the holidays or a special night out!

tiana: taupe by essie.

abby: none and it's not a good look.

kelsey: none! shiny buff.

what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to? 
allison: we live in beechwood canyon and without a doubt our favorite parts are the view and the nature. the hills have this surreal way of feeling like you are completely removed from yet right in the center of the city all at the same time. watching the sun rise and set over the city, watching deer in our yard, and jumping out our back gate to go hike griffith park is hard to beat.

tiana: i love the liveliness of west hollywood and the abundance of amazing shops and restaurants.

abby: everything! santa monica is my favorite place. i walk to all my friends’ houses, the beach, amazing restaurants, and feel like i spend no time in my car which is rare for LA.

kelsey: being so close to the beach! my special spot is first point in malibu.

what is your favorite food?
kaitlynn: i am a total foodie so it's hard to pick one!! i'd say soups, in general, i really love. i make a sweet potato-broccoli soup that i swear i could eat every single day.

tiana: butternut squash ravioli.

abby: vegan nachos 4 lyfe.

kelsey: a healthy salad.

describe your perfect day. 
allison: my days have become exponentially sweeter since my baby boy, wilder, was born. it sounds so simple, but my perfect day is being anywhere in nature with my husband and our son, then a dinner at home and a glass of wine on our deck overlooking the view and the sunset.

tiana: depends on if it's a work day or weekend! assuming it's a day i have off, i would get in a morning workout, spend time relaxing at the beach then grab dinner with close friends.

abby: probably spent doing some light exercise, eating delicious vegan nachos, and perhaps going dancing with my friends or fiancé.

kelsey: my perfect day would start with some kind of workout class, followed by a healthy breakfast. i would then head to the beach for a full day of sun and swimming with friends!
kelsey white
what is your ideal way to relax/unwind?
kaitlynn: i like to treat myself to a spa night at home. i'll dry brush my whole body, run a nice bath with kai's bubble bath in it, put a face mask on, and read a book with a bunch of kai candles around me. super chill.

tiana: close my eyes on the couch and listen to michael buble pandora.

abby: massage, absolutely.

kelsey: get a massage.

favorite date spot?

kaitlynn: my favorite kind of dates are actually when we try something totally new together, but if i  had to pick a recurring favorite spot i'd go to dinner at the old place in cornell. it's so cozy in there, and we eat always wayyyy too much and laugh about it all the way home!

allison: anywhere near the ocean. hiking above it, sitting in front of it, toasting beside it. as long as i can breathe the salty air and stare into it's deep blue eyes i am in date heaven.

tiana: a cozy restaurant with dim lighting and a great ambiance.

abby: south beverly grill where my fiancé and i had our first date.

kelsey: tower bar.

ultimate getaway?
kaitlynn: my ultimate getaway would be a trip on the orient express through europe! i love the idea of being able to wake up to completely new sights each morning, get all dressed up to dine aboard the train and, i'm sure, get to know some interesting people along the way.

allison: ubud, bali. i went once years ago and have been itching to go again. the people, the culture, the art, the rice paddies and rain forest... it's pure magic.

tiana: anywhere warm, tropical and somewhat remote. i love tulum and turks and caicos!

abby: always, always paris.

kelsey: tulum.
allison, tiana, and kaitlynn
kai obsession?
allison: kai body butter! i truly don't think there is anything more luxurious than buttering up in this. i have always had dry hands and have kept a jar of this in my glove box for years now. whenever i'm stuck in traffic, i turn up the tunes and put some on my hands. it's a total mood changer for my LA traffic commute.

tiana: so hard to pick just one thing, but i'm obsessed with the original kai fragrance. i get so many compliments every time i wear it!

abby: the perfume oil!

kelsey: kai*rose body lotion.

what is your guilty pleasure?
kaitlynn: peppermint bark, but luckily it's only in stores during the holidays so i just let myself go crazy eating it for like 3 weeks a year!

tiana: binging netflix shows.

abby: still vegan nachos. not much variety in my answers is there?

kelsey: sugar free redbull.

currently craving?
tiana: coffee oreo ice cream.

abby: vegan nachos? just kidding just kidding. craving some time with my bff.

kelsey: a weekend getaway.
tiana and kaitlynn
what book are you reading currently? 
kaitlynn: nightingale by kristin hannah.

allison: present over perfect.

tiana: start with why by simon sinek.

abby: radical candor by kim scott.

kelsey: 7 spiritual laws of success.

what is the most adventurous thing you've done? 
tiana: booked a flight and took a last minute vacation the morning of!

abby: i wouldn't call myself particularly adventurous. studying abroad in a country where i didn't speak the language was a challenge but also the greatest reward.

kelsey: went on a roadtrip with someone i just met.

do you have a mantra you live by?
allison: i tend to choose different mantras based on where my life is at the moment as i love how they can immediately shift your perspective. in the last year i had a baby (my first) and started building a new division of our business at the same time. i dove head first into these glorious, new, life changing, sleepless endeavors so my mantra has been "no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep".

tiana: the true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.

abby: oh boy... probably several. one that comes to mind is "when they go low, we go high". thanks, michelle!

kelsey: do things that feed your soul, not your ego, and you will be happy.

thank you so much, foray collective! xo.


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