dear old dads

growing up, father’s day was always one of my favorite holidays because my birthday was either on it or one side or the other of it so it was always a joint celebration with my favorite person in the world!

this year i’ve asked my team to share a few things they learned from there dear old dads.


gaye ~
my dad had millions of pearls of wisdom that he loved to share here a few of my favorites.
“one foot in front of the other.”
“always stay positive.”
and lastly but the most important and hardest i’ve found to follow after i lost him is to “never look back”. these are the ones he haunts me with when I need him the most.

tyler ~
"everything always works out."
"love thy neighbor."
"always keep a $20 in your car."

makela ~
"never quit a job without having a new one."
"always be kind and respectful towards others."
"don't ever forget to give your parents a kiss."

sara ~
"life is all about the journey and not about the final destination, so give your best effort each day and savor every moment."
"choose a profession that you love and will always be passionate about; that way, it never feels like work."
"pay it forward, whenever possible."

katie ~
"always carry cash."
"talk less, listen more."
"if you're not early, you're late!"

rachel ~
"the ocean heals all wounds."
"honesty is the best policy."
"leave the world better than you found it."


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