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i’ve never been big on new year resolutions. maybe i’m being lazy? maybe i’m afraid of setting myself up for failure? maybe…but i’m not so sure. when i really boil it down i think it goes to the fact that i’m not fond of trends, diets or midlife crises. it seems to me new year’s resolutions mostly all fit into at least one of the aforementioned categories i’m least fond of. we’ve all heard of starting the diet monday. why monday? waiting for monday, your birthday or january 1st is just putting off the inevitable. you know the drill, we’ve all been there. panic of swimsuit season, high school reunion, wanting to look “amazing” for an old friend’s wedding? how nice would it be to already be “there” as opposed to needing to get there? like brushing your teeth you automatically do things that are good for you. you start a habit. a good healthy habit. with that in mind my team and i have put together 19 habits you might consider in honor of 2019.



calm: i downloaded this app just before christmas because a) i’ve been told I need to, and b) i can only hear myself count my breath so many times.


i’m fairly active and worst case scenario get a three mile fast walk done on the treadmill on off days. chalk it up to my affinity to watch netflix during my walk it hardly feels like much of a workout so i’m going to be making a habit, much like my minimum requirement walk, to do hiit training three times a week as well as making sure to save time for sit ups. i found a series posted by brooke burke that’s quick and easy while still tough enough to feel the burn.


go outside and play. sounds easy enough so why does that stop once we’re all grown up? start with some no-brainers. have your morning cup al fresco or take the dogs for a walk after work. you may find the simple act of getting some fresh air and vitamin d addictive and it’s soooo good for the soul. careful, this activity could lead to picnics, beach volleyball or tag football and really, when’s the last time you did something like that?

turn off the news, put your phone away, put on some music and dance. i’m not certain there is data to support this but there’s something spectacular about the freedom you’ll feel from unplugging and letting loose. it’s so much more fun than listening to the t.v.!

watch less tv.

with all of the amazing shows out there on amazon, netflix, hulu, and cable, it is so easy to go down a show hole. cut down on tv time to become more engaged and social with the people in your life or spend the time meditating or doing some self-care. once you manage to cut down a bit on tv, you will realize how long and productive a day can be.

spend more time with the people that matter.

with so much time in front of computers and mobile devices these days, we all get used to this activity and tend to spend too much time with our faces buried in front of tech devices. make an effort to put more dates on the calendar each month to hang out with family members, significant others, old friends, and new friends. your life will become more balanced, and you will feel so good having those interactions.

learn to cook a new cuisine, or learn a new language.

putting your brain to use in a way that is productive outside of work will bring you so many benefits. you’ll be able to put that new skill to use to enhance your life and strengthen your bond with others.
volunteer and give more to charity.

we are all so fortunate to have what we have in life. devoting your time and energy to helping out at a homeless shelter or nearby charity, or donating clothes/funds to those less fortunate is a noble gesture. this act of giving back will help you to realize what you have, and it will greatly benefit those in need. 

stop procrastinating.

seize the moment, and do whatever it might be that you are procrastinating from. remember that those goals you’ve been trying to achieve are right in front of you.   

lemon water.

first thing in the morning drink a tall glass of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. this helps maintain the body’s pH balance, aids digestion and, of course, starts your day off with hydration. optional to add: fresh mint, apple cider vinegar, collagen powder, or a dash of turmeric.
call – don’t text. 

make a note to have more voice-to-voice conversations and connect.

wash your face.

every night! find a skincare routine you love so it becomes an evening treat + something relaxing to do before bedtime.

make your bed.

some say it can reduce stress and can give you a sense of accomplishment right when  you start your day. plus, who doesn’t love crawling into a nicely made bed at the end of the day.


it is said a cluttered/messy home or office adds more external stressors to your body. make the places you spend the most time in a clutter free zone.

keep one next to your bed and write a little something every day. doesn’t have to make sense, just write what you want – it’s your safe space.

sleep more.

sleep helps us think clearly, reduce stress and allows our body to repair. i know it’s easier said than done but it’s truly one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

weekly self-care.

whether it’s taking a bath, getting acupuncture or going to see a movie try to take one day a week to really focus on doing something for yourself.
go plastic free.

replace your plastic water bottles, plastic bags and straws with reusable ones. we love our hydroflasks and stasher bags here at kai!

keep an attitude of gratitude.

it goes back to the tried and true “law of attraction”. no matter what is happening in your life at a given time, if you start appreciating each and everything that is going positively, those little (and big) positive things become more of the focus. you will then start to attract more of those things. 

tell us in the comments below which healthy habits you're trying to cultivate in 2019!


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