the nomadic nosara

summer officially starts tomorrow so what better time to spotlight our beautiful account, the nomadic hotel, located in nosara, costa rica. we were lucky enough to speak with the owner, janice, to have her share how she brought this passion project to life and tell us some of her favorite things to do in the area. if you are still waiting to book a vacation this summer, look no further. this seems like the perfect place to relax and recharge.

the nomadic was a passion project for us after driving down to costa rica from georgia with the intention of creating a lifestyle hotel where the feeling of community was the focus. we took different architectural styles from some of our favorite places, bali, morocco, mexico and of course costa rica... we tried to create a space that felt tropical and open with a spanish/tropical feel. during our travels what always left an impression on us were the relationships with the people we met; we wanted to create a place where people would want to meet each other.
the nomadic has a total of 12 rooms including an apartment and a dorm style room. while our rooms are extremely cozy, we tried to put more emphasis on our common areas to get guests out and meeting people. the communal breakfast is usually where all the guests come together to talk about their plans for the day or past days adventures.
we have a boutique inside the nomadic called the honey hole where we carry a small selection of swimwear, home goods, women's and men's clothing, sunscreens and of course kai. kai is one of our favorite products that we carry. we carry the body wash, body butter, and my personal favorite and best seller the perfume oil. everyone loves the perfume oil, they literally can't get enough of it.
coming to nosara has a special way of humbling people, as a couple and as a business owner. it has taught us there are so many things that draw people to nosara. #1 for us was the surf, we have world class consistent surf here in playa guiones. nosara is also a wellness/fitness destination - there's no shortage of people here to help you to get re-centered and connected, another reason it’s so special.
thank you, janice!


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