home sweet home

i'm not sure about the rest of you, but i learned long ago the best thing i can do when i travel is to go about my hotel room as soon as i check in and put anything hotel-ish in the top drawer (promise i replace upon checkout). vacations are the best but when it's business and you're tired and on deadline do you really want to be reminded that you're in someone else's house? depending on where i am i may be pretending i'm in my hamptons home or my cottage in bermuda--a girl can dream. it takes a matter of minutes to make the room feel like home, sweet home except you don't have to clean, cook or run errands. heaven! think of the small, simple things that bring you happiness at home. mine's what i call my baby pillow and heaven help us should i forget it while travelling. if we go skiing, it's a small humidifier. and, again, if any of you are like me, you bring your own toiletries because let's face it, hotel amenities can be a hit or a miss. i like familiarity, consistency and things that bring me comfort. the more of that i can bring on the road with me the better and those precious little things are my guilty pleasures because they make my life easier. i'd love to not lug anything other than a bathing suit and a book. but wait, i can...

a couple of years ago i was contacted by a hotel amenities company. what feels like a billion art, packaging, color... approvals later, we were recently selected by the iconic laguna beach, california resort, the surf and sand, to be their in-room amenities.

exactly... now when you to the surf and sand you don't have to carry your kai along! a stunningly gorgeous resort in the middle of everything. a little calm in the storm. oddly enough, the surf and sand was my first girlfriend trip; there were six of us at 15-16 years old. all in one room. i won't get started on the amazing memories so let's just say there's a bit of history for me there. as well, tyler had her bachelorette party at the surf and sand. smack dab in the heart of the main drag in laguna, you simply can't go wrong with this resort. galleries, amazing food, the ocean and very cool shopping.

to have the surf and sand resort as our first amenity property is like a dream come true and i can only say we are working hard on bringing kai amenities to the best of the best properties. more to come!



  1. Do you have the Kai fragrance for the home. I have an Aroma360 Diffuser and would love the Kai fragrance in my home.


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