a glimpse of nirvana

let's face it, we're all on a quest for nirvana or even just a glimpse of it. but upon stumbling onto a place in summerland, california i found the sacred space thesacredspace.com/111810/page3.html and it's pretty much as close to what heaven would look like should you be able to enter the gates. i had heard of this place for some time but would buzz by on my way to montecito/ santa barbara. every time it came up i asked what it was and got such far flung answers as unique shops filled with magic to a spiritual retreat. it's all that with its winding pathways to little zen meditation areas and the beautiful pieces they sell. they give out tea and the vibe is quiet and respectful. i just think it's an experience you should have if you are anywhere in the area. i can promise you'll leave saying "namaste".



  1. I include a trip to The Sacred Space every beach vacation we take. Relaxing in the tea houses and drinking the tea is just wonderful. Namaste for sharing it with everyone.


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