introducing... the kai*rose skylight

announcing the launch of our latest offering, we're over the moon for it and hoping you'll love it as much as we do!

just in time for the holidays and making for the perfect hostess, boss, teacher, mom, friend, sister gift and, depending on your office limit, a great secret santa or really nice stocking stuffer! whew! you get it. it's that kind of no-brainer present for women and men due to its subtle green notes. introducing the kai*rose skylight candle! with a burn time of 40 hours in a proprietary blend of soy and coconut wax, and scented with kai's intoxicating blend of gardenia top note wrapped in white exotics layered with rose absolute. 100% cotton wick and paper core. and i'd be amiss not to mention the candle jar itself is perfect to reuse as glasses, vases, vessels for bathroom items...

i'm mad about our original kai and happily i'm not the only one so once i went about expanding the line to add a second scent, i was pretty nervous on which direction to take. that was until i met and was told by a very wise old perfumer that if i wanted to keep all of our amazing, loyal customers the best thing i could do was take kai and add a twist to it. build on it, but keep the integrity, the base. then you add. kai*rose was born. we launched the perfume oil in april 2017 and have gone from there to add kai*rose eau de parfum, body lotion, body wash, body butter, body buffer, hand cream and body glow. now we have a candle to offer in the kai*rose range that we are really proud of. a really different rose scent than you're probably used to. not old or powdery. i'm not kidding you, i have so many friends that love kai*rose as much if not more than the signature kai scent.
i was waiting for a yoga class early one sunday morning. wandering the malibu country mart as i waited, i found one store (which happens to be one of my favorites) that was open on an early sunday morning, planet blue! i was speaking with one of the girls at the checkout desk when another customer yelled out "oh my god, this is the best rose i've ever smelled and all i wear is rose!" (it was a kai*rose lotion sample.) i am always incognito. no one believes it, but i'm painfully shy so i almost always fly under the radar. hearing this woman's exclamation made me go over in my best just-rolled-out-of-bed look and introduce myself, thank her, and tell her she made my day.




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