kai conversations with... lisa king, founder of b-glowing

kai conversations has been an ongoing series on our blog, typically focused on kai devotees who are also celebrities, influencers, and experts in health and wellness. we recently thought to turn the spotlight towards our beloved kai retailers, also experts in their field, and inspiring us as business owners navigating through these uncertain times. for our first "retailer conversation" we are honored to feature lisa james-king, founder of b-glowing.com. her entrepreneurial story is incredible, launching in 2004 one of the first e-commerce beauty destinations specializing in luxury, prestige and niche beauty brands. we think you will enjoy meeting her as much as we have enjoyed working with her for many years. 


how are you taking care of yourself and your business during this time? are there certain things that are proving to be sources of motivation/ inspiration? if so, please feel free to share.
i intentionally set up my workspace at home next to my upstairs deck where i can look out the windows, keep the door open, hear the birds and feel the breeze every day. honestly, it's the best office i've ever had. what more could someone want every day? my inspiration comes from enjoying the beauty that surrounds us in Portland, OR. we live in a wooded area so even when we are on our deck it feels like we are tucked away in the woods. pretty much every night we have a wood burning fire pit going and a big glass of wine. honestly, i could sit out there for hours with my family. i feel like i'm at the four seasons in whistler or something. it's the treat at the end of every day now.

how did you start your career? and how did you end up with your current role?
i came from the world of advertising working on commercial production. after 20 years being a part of amazing teams that have made some of the most memorable tv commercials of our day, i decided it was time to make a change. i told myself if i was going to do something on my own it would have to be something i was truly passionate about. then it hit me - I LOVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS! i've always been a beauty junkie since my teenage days. i enjoyed discovering new brands and sharing them with my friends. my enthusiasm was contagious. knowing that i decided to start my own website where i could share some of my favorite "undiscovered" brands. kai perfume was actually one of our first brands! 15 years later we are so proud to still stock it. today we continue to be an incubator for young brands while we also are proud to stock some of the world's favorite larger brands.

can you please share a few sentences about your retail business and what makes your platform unique and special to your community?
we've always been about authenticity and sharing what we love. if b-glowing was a person, we love to think of her as our "cool aunt". you know, that person who adores on you just the way you are. whether you have gaps between your teeth, dress differently from others, or whatever - she loves you for who you are and makes you feel incredibly beautiful! she loves to share her wisdom from her life experiences, of course, that includes her beauty secrets. this is what we convey in all our product write ups, in our blog "the glow" and that includes sharing our most personal life stories like when i battled breast cancer. we're not shy about saying it like it is. we are real and love our customers to be real with us.

how did you first discover kai? 
i was on a set in LA shooting a commercial and one of the production managers was wearing it. i was intoxicated! i had never smelled anything so fresh, clean, yet seductive. i wanted to nuzzle up to her. it was such a beautiful scent. 16 years later kai is still a staple on my perfume vanity.

what is your favorite kai product? 
of course, the original perfume oil, but i'm a sucker for those body buffers. i adore taking a shower using them because it makes it feel like i'm in a spa. the fragrance is to-die-for, the lather delish and i love the way it makes my skin feel.

can you please share a memory of a customer experience with kai? 
one of my first kai customers was a woman i working with in advertising. i was wearing the fragrance to work one day and she became obsessed. she started ordering it from b-glowing that day and 15 years later she still orders it.

what do you like to do for fun when you are not working? 
i love to hangout with my family, hike, and travel.

what is your favorite thing to do on the weekends? 
take day trips or hikes around the Portland area. i've been living here 20 years now and the beauty of Mt. Hood, the mountains and hills has never gotten old. i am continually in awe of the view. wine country is one of our favorite places to spend a weekend day. The Willamette Valley has some of the best wineries in the world and the views are breathtaking.

where do you look for inspiration for your business? are there certain instagram pages or pinterest boards you follow? or are there podcasts you listen to? 
i love the "How They Made It" podcast and the Alec Baldwin's "Here's The Thing" - "How They Made It" satisfies my desire of stories about building a business. it always makes me feel good to hear that others have had huge ups and downs as i have had. being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. as a former film major in college "Here's The Thing" satisfies my cravings for all things entertainment. some of my favorites to follow on social media are, "The Bucket List Family", "Best Destinations to Travel", "History Photographed", "Earth Pix" and of course a ton of beauty people i follow on instagram like @forever35, @lotstar and @kyliesallee.

thank you, lisa!


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