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with the fall season approaching, we've been striving to identify ways to "refresh" our look for the new season, and we are delighted to share with you this kai conversation including some of the latest expert tips & trends from our friends at esalon! if you haven't heard of esalon yet, this might be the best kept secret to your new hair color/grooming/styling routine. their products are amazing, and we encourage you to check them out. similar to kai, they've donned the prestigious list of allure's "best of beauty" award winning brands, and in 2020 they were awarded allure's "best of home color" for the fifth year. their color offerings are formulated-to-order by their team of experts, completely unique to you, and conveniently delivered to your front door. esalon is celebrating their 10th year this fall as well, happy anniversary and here's to many more remarkable years ahead! hope you enjoy our kai conversation below with their team! 



how are you taking care of yourself and your business during this time? are there certain things that are proving to be sources of motivation/inspiration? if so, please feel free to share.

one of the things we're doing here at esalon to take care of ourselves and the business is putting in extensive efforts to stay connected - this is more important than ever. we have at least three ongoing weekly zoom meetings for our teams to share successes, weekend highlights, and our top priorities. this helps us stay connected as a team and to celebrate each other's accomplishments. it also enables us to stay updated on projects, brainstorm ideas, and share inspiration and information that can be applied to help grow the business. we are also like a big family here at esalon, and we honestly do miss seeing each other. so we also create fun activities such as scheduled zoom parties where we have "happy-hour" and talk as we would in the office or we play online games together. we also have a book club, and movie club where we get together over zoom to discuss the latest books or movies we're reading and watching. we obviously believe hard work is important, but staying connected, feeling connected and knowing we are all here for each other is what makes us so successful. 

do you have any advice/ guidance that you can lend to the kai community as it related to the pandemic and best tips for hair care & grooming? 

the most important hair & grooming tip during quarantine is to put down the scissors and avoid store-bought hair dye! DIY cuts & box colors can ultimately cost you a lot of time and money to get fixed. we receive tons of calls asking our online colorists to help with color corrections because their store- bought dye didn't work. instead, keep it simple and use this time to give your hair a break, avoid using hot tools, and give it some extra TLC. for example, you can braid your hair at night (bonus if you sleep on a silk pillowcase) to help prevent tangles and breakage, and you will wake up in the morning with natural beach waves! adding a treatment or mask to your new routine will soften your hair and prevent breakage. look for moisture treatments for coarse and curly hair and protein for previously bleached or more fragile hair. check out our holy grail moisturizing mask, weekly retreat, which will intensely hydrate your hair and even prevent color fading. 

as a fellow allure "best of beauty" winner, we admire your dedication to providing a custom hair color experience for individuals at home. what are the key hair styling + color trends that you are seeing for fall?

hair styling and color trends for fall will be on the more low maintenance end this year as many salons are still not open and a lot of people are still not ready to go back to them just yet. these styles & colors will look great air dried and even as they grow out! 

for brunettes and black hair we recommend simply matching your base with your natural hair color. this will allow you to go longer between color applications since you won't have a noticeable line of demarcation. then we suggest adding golden mahogany tones a few shades lighter than your base to give your hair more dimension and richness. 

going red for fall is always such a fun and great idea. we recommend starting with a light to medium brunette at the root mixed with red and copper tones to give it a bold and vibrant finish. combine your vibrant color with a one length cut for an effortlessly stylish fall look. this cut can help your hair appear thicker and fuller, support almost any hairstyle, and the grow out is almost unnoticeable! 

our colorists are available to answer any questions, and work with you to craft you perfect custom hair color. 


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