celebrity gift guide series: summer essentials

with the beach, pool, and vacation season in full swing, we wanted to highlight a few "summer essentials" product offerings that some of our beloved celebrity devotees highly recommend! we are so blessed to have the strong support of our amazing community of loyal customers and fans. many kind thanks to you all from the bottom of our hearts! we thought you'd enjoy seeing these quotes & product favorites from some of our influential devotees including oprah, naomi watts, mindy kaling and jennifer garner highlighting kai offerings that are perfect for summertime! 


oprah's pick: kai body buffer and body butter

referring to the kai body buffer and body butter found on oprah's list of favorite things, oprah says "it's clean and fresh." - oprah winfrey

naomi watts's pick: kai perfume oil

"i love kai's roll-on fragrance. it's fresh, not too strong. there's a bit of gardenia in there, which makes it lovely." - naomi watts

mindy kaling's pick: kai body lotion

"i love kai's body lotion. it's light but moisturizing and smells like summer." - mindy kaling

jennifer garner's pick: kai body glow

"i love the kai lotions, candles, and body oil... it's very fresh and clean." - jennifer garner

check back next season for the kai celebrity gift guide series: fall essentials!


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