creating a kai “home sweet home” vibe while traveling by naadine koi

for this week’s blog, we are bringing you a delightfully interesting & fun post by naadine koi, the creative force behind wellboxed. naadine is taking us to sweden to share her kai travel must-haves for creating a “home sweet home” vibe while she’s been living there these past few months! naadine’s primary residence is in seattle, but she has been spending time in sweden traveling, working abroad, and enjoying the amazing swedish culture, which sounds like it is kai’s breath*life*flow way of life to the tee with a super strong focus on self-care, relaxation, spending time with friends/family, and living life to the fullest. 

we learned that swedes love to “fika” which means “coffee break” or “pause” and if you enjoy sharing coffee and pastries with friends or family, you'll revel in the many opportunities to "fika.” wow, sign me up!  after reading naadine’s post, i’m eager to book a trip to sweden as soon as possible. 

naadine is a long-time kai devotee and very dear friend, and we are honored that she has shared these wonderful tips, insights, and kai travel essentials with us!

thank you, naadine! enjoy your “fika”!


i’m currently doing an extended stay in the beautiful country of sweden. i’ve actually been here a few months, and it’s been such a magnificent experience so far. i’ve really fallen in love with the architecture, the people, and the way of life here. swedes have this low-key lifestyle that prioritizes a work-life balance. you sort of work when you can and then spend the rest of your time relaxing and enjoying your time with friends and family. they have this real self-care mentality that i just adore.

throughout my days here, i do a lot of exploring, just trying to soak up as much as i can while i’m here. i’m staying in this beautiful, walkable neighborhood, so i’m always going out for walks with my dog, garvey. i also spend a bit of time in the coffee shops just sitting and relaxing over a cup of tea and a delicious pastry.

life is so good here, but i still miss home a lot. that’s why i’m grateful i brought some of my favorite kai products with me. i’ve been an avid kai user for years, so their fragrances are intrinsically tied to my life at home. since scent and memory are closely linked, one smell of my favorite kai products makes me feel right at home and more relaxed.  

i don’t know that i’d be able to enjoy the experience as much without this gentle reminder of home. so, i wanted to take some time to share all my favorite kai products that i use throughout my days here in sweden - 


1. the body wash – (aka the morning pick-me-up)  

my refreshing morning shower is even more rejuvenating with the kai body wash. the fresh aroma really wakes me up and helps me start my day off on the right foot. i’ve been using this product for over seven years now, so it’s really become a signature in my life. i’m so familiar and in love with the scent and texture of the soap that it’s turned into my favorite part of my morning routine.   


2. the fragrance oil – (aka my bestie)

out of all the kai products, this is my all-time favorite. i call it my partner in crime because it’s literally always by my side. i keep one bottle on my vanity, so after i shower, as i’m getting dressed in the morning, i roll on the oil, and the aroma just soaks into my skin and lingers exquisitely.


it’s truly the perfect balance. it’s not too heavy, but there’s just enough fragrance to make an impact. i know because i get so many compliments on it! i also always carry some in my purse for a midday reapply (i put a little dab on my wrists and neck to amplify the fragrance again).


i know this might sound crazy, but i also have a bottle on my nightstand because i love to put a little on before bed—and i’m not big about having fragrances on while i sleep. but i seriously love this scent so much. the balance is just light and relaxing enough that i can put a bit on right after my evening shower and wear it to bed. like i said, this is really my bestie, my go-to product. 


3. the hand cream – (aka the globetrotter)

i carry this with me always; it’s my must-have on-the-go product. with everything that’s going on nowadays, i’m constantly washing my hands throughout the day. it’s so often, and with the cold weather here in sweden, my hands get super dry. i apply some every time i wash my hands. it’s been a true hand-saver!


4. the diffuser – (aka the workhorse)

after being out all day, coming home to the diffuser is amazing. it’s like a workhorse that’s always there for you. i love it because it keeps the fragrance in the air for a long time, and once i flip the reeds, i get several days of its delightful aroma in the air. and let me tell you, it smells absolutely delightful.


i’ve used this product consistently for the last seven years, so if anything smells like my home in seattle, it’s this. when i come back to my place and close my eyes, it really makes it feel like i’m home.


5. the candle – (aka the night cap) 

as a candle blogger, photographer, and fanatic, it’s no surprise to anyone that i’m obsessed with kai’s candle. i burn candles throughout the day, but i love to light this one and relax with it at the end of my day. there’s something so comforting about burning candles after the sun goes down, and this one has such a beautiful scent and balances well with the other products i use throughout the day.


this is really special because sometimes fragrances don’t translate well or complement each other. for example, sometimes a company will have a body spray and a candle with the same scent, but when you put on the body spray, you just feel like you smell like a candle. with kai, each product has a slightly different scent. there’s a common thread, but there’s a subtle difference that makes all their products so unique.


whether you have the gardenia or rose scent, the candle has this magical ability to transport you to the middle of a garden and help you relax. everything about these candles is calming—the notes, the beautiful white wax, the candle vessel, the flame—it all just works together to end my day beautifully.

why i’ll always travel with kai

all these products play so well together throughout the day, too. i can easily take a nice relaxing shower at the end of the day while burning the candle with the diffuser and then roll on the oil before bed. even if i’m burning the rose or gardenia, it doesn’t matter. they’re all on the same team. the product chemistry is truly top-of-the-line.

i’m just happy to have these five staple products to keep me comfortable and relaxed while i travel. i can feel confident and at home while being in the middle of an exciting adventure. i think that’s why i love candles and scents so much. they really bridge the gap between where we are today and where we’ve been in such a beautiful and understated way.


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