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we could not be more excited to bring you this week's kai conversation with our dear friend and 20-year-long kai devotee, ashley borden, the award-winning certified, master personal trainer, media expert, published author, and fitness pro-business coach with over 50,000 hours of hands-on experience. @ashleybordenfitness has worked with a gamut of people from pop stars and movie stars, such as Christina Aguilera, Paulina Porizkova, Ryan Gosling, and Mandy Moore to rap artists, rock stars, royalty, and just about everyone in between. It is no surprise that she is such a highly respected nationally acclaimed fitness expert, as she is incredibly thoughtful, humble, smart, personable, funny, intuitive, hands-on, and welcoming in her approach to fitness training; and she supports all of her clients with targeted goal-oriented programs where they reallysee results! ashley has built an impressive hybrid in-person and online fitness empire, offering award-winning streaming, PDF training programs, and weekly, online fitness classes with proven track records of success. her newest virtual programs launching this spring are in partnership with lisa maximus (instagram: @lisamaximus), the world champion powerlifter 2023, whose training skills and talents perfectly complement ashley. this dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with, and we highly encourage you to check out their amazing new programs that cater to all levels of fitness (and vary in level of commitment from 4 weeks to 4 months of training): https://www.ashleyborden.com/lisa-ash-products

we are so honored to have ashley as one of our long-time kai devotees. she's worn the kai signature scent for over two decades, and she shares some wonderful thoughts & memories of this in her interview below. we hope you enjoy! additionally, please stay tuned for a special giveaway collaboration with @ashleybordenfitness to be announced soon.


Photographer - Violeta Meyers

how did you first discover kai? please share a memory of your first-time using kai, which product it was, and anything special you noticed during your experience.


the first time i discovered kai (probably when it started in 1999!) i couldn’t stop smelling my wrist. i loved how i smelled like an expensive 5 star tropical vacation and it’s so subtle i could wear it while training my clients and not overwhelm anyone. the gardenia scent is delicious and fresh and i always feel like i’m treating myself when i use any kai product. i always say, you know a real customer when they spend their own money and buy the product, too!


how do you embody kai’s “breath*life*flow” lifestyle?

my priority in life is to help others and keep stress at a minimum. kai embodies that flow as well- it starts with the atmosphere and smelling the scent of kai immediately shifts my mood. and that helps everyone in return ;)


how did you start your career? and how did you end up with your current role?

i’ve been a master personal trainer and fitpro business coach for decades. i was a dancer when i was younger, but ironically i wasn’t athletic! i felt such shame as a kid not being able to “run” or play sports with ease. my turned out “dancer feet” didn’t add to anything athletic but what did i know? when i started as a trainer 3 decades ago, i made a promise to help as many people as possible have a sane relationship with food and understand how their bodies move so they can feel in charge of themselves and create massive change with confidence.


Photographer - Violeta Meyers

what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

get out of excessive sun and don’t eat food with partially hydrogenated oil in it.

do you have a mantra you live by?

i believe in less consumption, but keep the quality high. when not spending money on a bunch of frivolous 1/2 empty products deep into a cabinet, i realized that i could spend the money on quality and use a product until finished and buy again. no extra products floating around.


go-to lipstick color?

any light, shimmery bobbi brown gloss.


what color nail polish are you wearing right now?

i love bright colors, never red and i usually wear a neutral color. 


who is your role model?

anyone who has overcome tremendous adversity, healed and is thriving. 


how would you describe your personal style?

because i lived in skin tight workout clothing for my entire life, i love chic comfort.

not gonna lie, i love a sweats outfit! natural fabrics and neutral colors. 


what’s your beauty secret? or must have beauty product?


bellicon rebounder!! the rolls royce of rebounding!

circulation! beauty starts on a cellular level and rebounding has been a key part of my fitness journey for years. zero impact on joints and ligaments, excellent for the lymphatic system, metabolic rate and mental clarity! even 10 minutes a day makes a big difference. (i only use bellicon rebounders, the best quality, long lasting and no sound.) feel free to use ashley50 for $50 off: https://www.bellicon.com/en-us/

what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to?

im laughing as i type this… i have become obsessed with my hummingbirds! we got a feeder and i just installed a camera so i can watch them. who am i?  


describe your perfect day.

wake up when my body is ready (usually 8am), coffee, relax with my bf and rescue pups, go for a long walk, work for a couple hours with all of my online training group protocols and help them smash their goals, make a huge chunk of money, eat a relaxing lunch, get an incredible workout in, spend more time in nature, take a hot bath, foam roll, watch a movie with my amazing bf and go to bed in our cozy, sleep friendly bedroom.


favorite date spot?

our couch with yummy food.


ultimate getaway?

any 5 star luxury hotel in the middle of nature and quiet.


favorite food?

all depends on my mood, but here is a lil list:

tacos (shredded beef, crispy shell)

coconut water anything from the coconut! 

my bf makes the best branzino i love it 

a baked potato with cheddar cheese and broccoli (comfort food babyyyy)


guilty pleasure?

facials from verabella in beverly hills every month (i used to break out all the time and it changed my skin 1000%!)


kai obsession?

the body butter! its soooooo luxurious.


morning person or night owl?


currently craving?

craving to get into an rv and go on a nature adventure with my bf and our two rescue pups.


ideal way to relax/unwind?

watching interrogations on youtube (yep, you read that correctly haha!) 


what book are you reading currently?

my client paulina porizkova’s book, “no filter” 


what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

going to burning man 6 times! 

thank you, ashley!


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