we're thrilled to share some of the amazing press highlights we've received for our must-have fragrances: our signature eau de parfum and perfume oil, as well as our kai*rose eau de parfum and perfume oil. 

we're grateful for the recognition and praise we've received from such renowned publications in the past few months. our signature and kai*rose fragrances have been receiving thoughtful and amazing reviews and we'd like to take a moment to celebrate and share these exciting media highlights with you – thank you for your continued support, and we're excited to keep spreading the love with our fragrances!



harper’s bazaar: “the 23 best perfumes of all time”

kai signature eau de parfum – kai has earned a devoted following over the years for its clean, tropical, gardenia-based fragrance. for rose lovers, there’s also a spin-off scent, called (you guessed it), kai rose.” –  lindy segal and tiffany dodson 

instyle: “the 18 best floral perfumes of 2023”

kai signature eau de parfum this has been one of our favorite scents for over a decade and we’re not alone — celebrities ranging from lily collins, mila kunis, and even oprah are fans of this lush white floral, which was inspired by brand founder gaye straza’s childhood summers in hawaii. we love this perfume for its fresh and clean qualities; it comes in many iterations, including a candle, room spray, and diffuser to incorporate the gorgeous fragrance into every aspect of your lifestyle.” –  emily orofino

elle: “11 natural perfumes that smell sublime”

kai perfume oil – perfume oils are a great natural option, because they linger on the skin for a long time, and are often made only with essential oils. this version by kai is a beautifully sweet floral fragrance, with notes of gardenia.” – tatjana freund

mindbodygreen: “the 16 best clean & natural perfumes of 2023 — beauty editor approved” 

kai*rose eau de parfum – this is the rose scent that made me love roses. it totally reimagined what the traditional floral could be. it should come as no surprise, considering the brand itself is known for being quite the disruptors in the fragrance industry. the signature fragrance has amassed a cult following which includes jennifer aniston, julia roberts, and charlize theron.” –  alexandra engler

well and good: “what are non-toxic perfumes? here’s what to know—and which 10 to try”

kai*rose eau de parfum – rich, heady, and alluring, kai rose calls to mind the most evocative and romantic of rose gardens. kai’s original perfume oil of gardenia and white exotics is layered with rose absolute, creating an utterly alluring, statement-making scent. straza says, ‘it’s not like your grandmother’s perfume—instead, it’s light, youthful, fresh, and intoxicating.’” – jamie sanders

women’s wear daily: “the 14 best perfume oils for every fragrance lover”

“a true cult classic, kai’s perfume oil has quite the impressive fan club, which allegedly even includes oprah. kai founder gaye straza created this single-batch perfume in 1999 to capture the scent of her childhood vacations to hawaii, and it’s been insanely popular ever since. the blend of cedarwood oil, clove leaf oil, geranium oil and rose absolute evokes the dreamy islands.” – celia shatzman and claire sullivan

harper’s bazaar: “the 18 best clean perfumes worth adding to your rotation”

kai perfume oil – after just a single sniff, you'll probably ask yourself why it took so long to add this popular perfume oil to your beauty rotation. stash it in a purse of gym bag and reapply whenever you're in need of a pick-me-up.” – olivia fleming and jenna rosenstein

allure: “the 39 best perfumes for women, according to allure editors”

“so, what does our editor in chief, jessica cruel, smell like? though she's sniffed just about every perfume there is to sniff, she's only sold on one: kai's eau de parfum. she says it's the only fragrance she "can stomach." this light and powdery perfume has a fresh, clean aroma with a touch of gardenia.”  – jessica b. matlin, tynan sinks, jennifer hussein, and sarah hoffmann

instyle: “i carry this celebrity-worn perfume with me everywhere, and it's the perfect fresh fragrance for spring” 

kai’s perfume oil is an oil-based version of kai’s original, celebrity-loved perfume mist. with notes of white florals, including gardenia, the oil has a fresh, clean, delicate finish that blends beautifully with skin, without overpowering its wearer … i keep the kai rollerball oil in my purse, particularly on days when i know i’ll be running around. a quick glide of fragrance oil in the morning gives me enough fresh, floral sillage to last until midday. given its size and ease of application (a rollerball is much less conspicuous than a mist) i can re-up quite literally anywhere i happen to be, whether that’s at my desk, in a cab, or after a long flight.” – sophie wirt

women’s health: “these are the 11 summer perfumes that celebrities love: jennifer aniston, meghan markle & lily james”

“khloe kardashian: kai perfume oil – 'i've worn it forever! i put it on every day,' khloe kardashian told people. 'everyone’s like, ‘that’s your scent!’ so now i can’t wear anything else.’” – amelia bell

fashionista: “perfume oils are having their (well-deserved) moment”

kai perfume oil – annoyed by perfume that's too overpowering, or that seems to never last long enough? what about ones that dry out or sensitize skin, are annoying to travel with or are simply too damn expensive? there's a perfume oil for that — and chances are, it's going to totally change your relationship to wearable scent.” – stephanie saltzman


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