Kai Conversations with Catherine Bach and Laura Esmeralda Lopez

in our latest kai conversations, we had the pleasure of sitting down with two extraordinary guests, catherine bach and her daughter laura esmeralda. as two los angeles locals, catherine and laura not only share their love for kai, but also a commitment to living a life of mindfulness, gratitude and kindness. 

catherine, known for her iconic role in the dukes of hazzard, and laura, a luxury real estate agent, recall their first encounter with kai during a memorable vacation to hawaii nearly a decade ago. their introduction to kai instantly became a vessel for treasured memories. in our conversation, they delve into their daily routines, their personal journeys, and the valuable life lessons they've learned along the way. join us in exploring the world of catherine and laura, as they share their wisdom for living a balanced life of breath*life*flow. 



how did you first discover kai?

about ten years ago we were on vacation in maui. we discovered kai at the four seasons spa and immediately bought the lotion to bottle up the memory of our vacation. we have been buying it for ourselves and friends ever since.  

how do you embody kai’s “breath*life*flow” lifestyle? 

l: i think breath life flow is a holistic way to approach life – mind, body, and soul. for the mind, i always try to be present in the moment. for the body i am careful about what i put onto and into it – i love that kai products are non-toxic, so i always feel good about using them. for the soul i try to stay grateful and humble. 

c: i maintain my happiness with a good attitude. it's probably the most important thing i do because life can get crazy at times! i take steps to remember to ground myself in my routine of checking in with myself, walking my dogs, and reinforce my gratitude for what i have, not what i don't have. 

how did you start your career and how did you get to where you are now? 

l: i went to usc and studied psychology. while i didn’t pursue it further in a clinical sense, i love applying my education to better understand the world around me — specifically how the mind works and have applied that education to sales. i’m a real estate agent working with an amazing team and mentor at the beverly hills estates. being in real estate has been my dream since 3rd grade! i have attended an open house every sunday since age 9 and i pinch myself every day that i can pursue my passion and call it "work." nothing makes me happier than helping people find their home.

c: my acting career started with a desire to act, then i took steps to enter the craft. i was a part of every church play, every school play, every community play and didn't mind if i had a minor part. i was onstage and learning the craft of acting. i then went deeper by going to drama camps in the summer, then started auditioning for larger production plays. becoming a professional actor was a natural progression of the work i had been doing since i was seven years old. i got my first professional job when i was seventeen called, the midnight man, directed by burt lancaster who became an amazing friend and mentor. 

i had done movies and television, in particular a show, return to peyton place, that was supposed to be the next big hit on television, and it didn't make it. dukes of hazzard, a midseason replacement show, was used to fill a time slot and became an overnight sensation. you just never know where or what is going to hit! i have done lots of other shows and two television series since, but none that you probably know about! i want to let you know this because honestly, no one ever knows what is going to be a hit or not. to do the best job possible with what you have and have satisfaction of getting your point across is a reward and amazing!   

what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

l: my mom told me once that me that how you do anything is how you do everything. it’s something that i apply daily. 


c: advice my mom gave me is that everything always turns out for the best! it may not seem like it at the time, but it always does. i have gotten a lot of comfort for believing in that very simple saying.

what are you grateful for today? 

l: i am so grateful for my family and friends – they are my rocks. i’m also so grateful for this amazing life and never take a single day for granted. 

c: i'm so grateful and proud of my daughters, sophia and laura! i'm so grateful for lifelong friendships and the amazing community of friends and family i have both near and far. 

what is your morning routine? 

l: my morning routine starts the night before when i lay out my clothes and prepare for the next day. i usually get in bed early, read, and leave the shades open so that my mornings start when the sun comes up. i take my dog luigi for a walk and then i come home and either go to the gym or a pilates class. afterwards i usually sauna, shower, have my coffee then get on my first work call around 8am.  

c: every morning i go for a 3-4 mile walk with rosie, my german shepherd. it's a moving meditation where i check in with my dog and myself and think about my goals for the day. then home, coffee, maybe a piece of fruit and off for a workout, weights, yoga, gyro tonics — something different every day. home afterwards and if i have enough time, a sauna and my new obsession, an ice bath. my uncle dave, who was a paraplegic from the war, had one every single day, and now i know why! i'm ready to go after the morning routine and work on my projects.

how do you define success? 

l: success is leaving the world better than you found it. 

c: success is making a conscious effort to uplift the world around me by being kind, non-judgmental, and helping others. 

what was the last book you read? 

l: right now, i am reading “breaking the habit of being yourself” by joe dispenza and i love it. 

c: i recently read "demon copperhead” by barbara kingsolver and couldn’t put it down.  

what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to? 

l: i love how close we are to so many different environments; beach, mountains, desert, and city. it’s a paradise i’ve been fortunate to have lived in all my life. for food, i am a big fan of erewhon.

c: i love that we have sidewalks, and everyone takes advantage of them! we are all out walking! sort of like a town square for dogs and people in the neighborhood to visit! also, that i'm so close to everything and can walk to dinner. i don't have a favorite dinner spot really. i love valley inn, terre mare, mistrals, la cava, sweet butter, larsen’s, and davenports! 

kai obsession? 

l: my kai obsession is everything! i love the signature roll-on perfume oil since you can easily toss it in your bag. i also love to have the kai candle burning in my listings whenever i show i house. i also spritz the linen spray on my pillowcases before i iron them. 

c: all of it, but especially the signature kai lotion. it’s so moisturizing and fragrant. 

ideal way to relax/unwind? 

l: i like to stay in a base level of relaxation by keeping a routine. when i relax on a deeper level, i go to the beach or go do something in nature – i especially love stargazing; it gives me perspective and humbles me.

c: i try to go for a walk, look around, and see how beautiful life is. like laura, i always feel refreshed when i look at nature. 


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