we’re thrilled to share this week’s kai conversations with gretta monahan (@grettamonohan), a true style maven and self-made force of nature who has not only redefined the fashion and beauty landscape, but also made it more accessible to everyone, from hollywood superstars to your friendly neighbor next door.

gretta’s journey with kai began in malibu, where she stumbled upon kai’s signature candle in a girlfriend’s home that she thoughtfully describes as smelling like “heaven” sharing that it “brought a sense well-being and beauty with its crisp, clean aroma”. kai’s collection became a signature scent she couldn't resist, and as soon as she returned to her own home in new york city, she made kai an essential part of her daily routine.

but gretta’s influence extends far beyond her love for kai. she’s a dynamic entrepreneur with two thriving brands: grettaluxe (@grettaluxe), a timeless style destination that reflects her own impeccable taste, and grettacole beauty (@grettacolebeauty), a haven for beauty and wellness enthusiasts. with an array of services and products, gretta empowers individuals to embrace their best selves.

gretta monahan’s expertise, dedication to inclusivity, and passion for helping people look and feel their best are truly inspiring. she fully embodies kai’s “breath*life*flow” lifestyle, staying mindful and prioritizing self-care in her fast-paced life. join us as we take a closer look at her remarkable journey and gain insights into the world of style, beauty, and well-being through her incredibly talented eyes. also, stay tuned for an exciting collaboration that we’ll be launching soon with gretta & co.



how did you first discover kai? please share a memory of your first-time using kai, which product it was, and anything special you noticed during your experience

i remember using kai when i moved to malibu, california. i was at a girlfriend’s home, and i discovered a candle burning in her bathroom that smelled like heaven. it brought a sense of well being and beauty with its crisp, clean aroma. i just had an instant reaction. the moment i got back to new york, i found it and bought both the candle and the body oil – which i still use every day. it has become my signature scent, and i think women should have a scent they love wearing every day. it’s so intimate when you can slip into and aroma before getting ready for the day. my other fun fact is that i have a son named kai, and he once asked if it was my product line and if i had named it after him!

what are your top 3 favorite, must-have kai offerings?

signature candle

kai rose body buffers

body glow

how do you embody kai’s “breath*life*flow” lifestyle?

it’s a mentality – kai’s aroma and products keep me mindful of breathing deeply and enjoying every moment. it’s all about deep self-care, and i’m always striving for that.

how did you start your career? and how did you end up with your current role?

i started my career when i moved to nyc to pursue fashion at fit and fell in love with all things beauty. after working in magazines and editorial, i became a hair colorist and opened my first salon. i started to think that something was missing – and it felt disjointed that women had to go to multiple places for beauty, fashion and wellbeing, so i sought to change that. i ultimately opened a head-to-toe destination to help women feel their very best from the inside out. i want everyone who steps foot inside my stores to feel like a vip. since founding my business in my 20s, growing it store by store and now online with an incredible team of talented and brilliant females at the lead, i feel extremely blessed to have been able to build a company beyond my wildest dream.

what color nail polish are you wearing right now?

bubble bath by opi – it’s the perfect natural neutral for working hands, and i use my hands a lot.

who is your role model?

my aunt kathy, my mother’s eldest sister is my biggest role model. she was smarter than anyone else in the room, and tough but tender to all that knew her. she took care of and nurtured every one of her friends and family members and taught me more than anyone else in my life. most of all, she told me to be my own woman and to never compromise my own dreams or to make excuses.

guilty pleasure?

my guilty pleasure is an adventure - and adventure, near or far! it can be just going to the local ice cream store with my kids and my husband or flying to south africa to go on safari with my boys. having new experiences with my family creates the most joy that i’ve ever felt. i have so many memories of smiles and laughs (and breakdowns and tantrums). when we’re all together, it just builds up in the seat of my soul, and those are the feels that mean the most of all.

morning person or night owl?

i am a reformed night owl who now loves the mornings and is obsessed with sunrises. there was once a time when i could never imagine being a morning person, but as life evolves, now my eyes naturally pop open around 5am. it’s my best kept secret, and the ultimate “me-time,” even if it’s just 30 minutes before the kids are awake.

currently craving?

i’m always craving being near water of any kind - an ocean, a bay, a river, a waterfall; i’m a serial island hopper. water, for me, is life. i listen to it all night long with an app because it brings me so much peace.

what book are you reading currently?

i’m currently reading bold move: a 3-step plan to transform anxiety into power by dr. luana marques. dr. luana is world-renowned and is currently a harvard professor. her area of expertise is anxiety, but the deeper message of her book is about envisioning the life you want and not letting anything keep you from it.


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