kai conversations with go-to girl for all things lifestyle, caitlyn chase

in our latest kai conversations, we had the privilege of delving into the world of malibu local and go-to girl for all things lifestyle, caitlyn chase. caitlyn began her career as a fashion and beauty writer for nationally acclaimed publications at the young age of 18. today, she is the curator of a successful travel and lifestyle blog, caviar & cashmere, renowned for her eye to discover and visually capture the best of the best in fashion, beauty, travel and home. 

caitlyn thrives on exploring the world of luxury lifestyle; sharing the things she discovers with her readers and followers, aiming to inspire them to lead a life well lived. she has been recognized for her work in forbes, vogue, the wall street journal, glamour magazine, and marie claire, among others. join us in exploring the world of caitlyn chase.  



1.     how did you first discover kai? 

i am from malibu, and discovered the local brand at one of the small boutiques at the malibu country mart many years ago. i fell in love with the signature fragrance, and remember keeping the perfume oil with me in my school bag because i loved reapplying it throughout the day. 


2.     how do you embody kai’s “breath*life*flow” lifestyle? 

i have been practicing mindfulness, meditation, and breath work my entire life. it’s a non-negotiable for me in my self-care routine and it’s an integral part of my lifestyle. i believe kai’s philosophy is very similar to how i like to live my life, which is to always be present and appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us.  

3.     how did you start your career? and how did you end up with your current role?

i started my career very young, at the age of 18. i began writing for a magazine while also studying full-time at pepperdine university in malibu. my career continued after i graduated, where i took a few different jobs at several magazines before ultimately starting my blog, caviar & cashmere in 2011. 


4.     what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

i have been given so many pieces of great advice in my life that i am truly grateful for from people that i admire. while difficult to choose just one piece of advice, i will always remember what my grandmother taught me when i was a child. she said, “whatever you do, give it 100%” which i think about daily. you will never regret doing your best and giving it your all, no matter what it is. homework, your relationship, a friendship, it does not mater how big or small, committing to excellence will pay off over time. 


5.     who or what inspires you? 

i’m most inspired by travel, and do it as often as i can. i love experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and taking in all of the beautiful parts of this world. whenever i visit somewhere new, i come back full of energy and excitement because of the inspiration i felt while traveling. 

6.     what are you grateful for today? 

i wake up every day beyond grateful for my family, my partner, my dog, and my health. 

7.     what is your morning routine? 

my mornings are sacred to me and the favorite part of my day. i am definitely a morning person and wake up looking forward to my routine. it varies day-to-day, especially whether i am home or traveling, but typically i like to wake up early and do my transcendental meditation, do some light stretching, have a cold shower, make my coffee and then enjoy it getting sunlight out in the yard while my dog runs around. i aim to not use my phone for at least 30 minutes after i wake up. 


8.     what brings you back to center?

when i am feeling off, i like to go to the beach in malibu where i grew up. something about hearing the ocean and feeling the sand gets me back to center and puts me in a better mood almost instantly. 


9.     how do you enjoy spending your alone time?

i am definitely an extroverted introvert, and i am a cancer, so i definitely enjoy my alone time. i recharge by having some solitude. i love to take walks and listen to a podcast, take long drives and play music, or read a book on the beach. 


10.  what was the last book you read?

one of my favorite books is the four agreements by don miguel ruiz, something i re-read every year. i just bought his book the mastery of love, and i am looking forward to starting it this week!

11.  ultimate getaway? 

my ultimate getaway is somewhere i can be in nature, like in the mountains of montana or colorado, on the beach in hawaii, or in the countryside in tuscany. 


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