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we are delighted to bring you this week's kai conversation with fashion journalist, entertainment reporter and television host, amanda garrigus. with more than 20 years of experience, amanda has brought her light, playful sensibility and intelligent perspective to shows including e! news, good day la, ktla morning news and access hollywood, where she continues to act as fashion expert and swing host. amanda is also an accomplished editor and author; she has been the editor in chief of angeleno magazine and has authored stories for a variety of magazines including allure, vogue and glamour.

amanda’s love for kai began in the glam room at e! where her makeup artist used the signature body glow to prep her skin before going on air. she fell in love with the fragrance and has incorporated kai into her intentional self-care routine ever since. 

amanda embodies kai's “breath*life*flow” lifestyle by constantly making efforts to connect with herself and the world around her by spending time in nature. her mindset of abundance and openness is an inspiring reminder of an important mantra we should all keep top of mind. i hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into amanda’s world. 



how did you first discover kai? 

i think my first encounter with kai was in the makeup room at e! entertainment. at the time i was the fashion correspondent on their daily entertainment news show, the daily 10. one of the makeup artists had kai body glow in their kit and used it on my legs and arms before i went to set. it smelled so good and someone on set commented on how glowy my skin looked. i’ve been a devotee ever since! 


what are your top 3 favorite kai products? 

my number one og fave is the body glow. i am never without it when i’m working in front of the camera. the body butter is a close second. i love how rich and thick it is, perfect for days when my skin needs extra pampering. the body lotion rounds out my top three. it’s a little lighter than the butter, so i like to use it on warmer days or days when my skin needs a little less intense hydration. that signature kai fragrance both lifts my spirits and grounds me.

how do you embody kai’s “breath*life*flow” lifestyle? 

i take my self care very seriously. meditation is a regular part of my life as is journaling and spending as much time as i can in nature. my favorite way to exercise is hiking the canyons here in los angeles. moving through wild spaces helps me reconnect with myself and reminds me that we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves and our modern problems. life is beautiful if only we open our hearts and minds to all the wonder available to us.


how did you start your career? and how did you end up with your current role?

i began my career as an intern in the beauty department of canada’s flare magazine. it was my first exposure to life at a fashion magazine and it hooked me from day one. today i work as a fashion and style correspondent for various entertainment and morning news shows in addition to writing for a variety of magazines and newspapers. i made the jump from magazine editor to television correspondent while i was angeleno magazine’s editor-in-chief. e! network contacted me and  invited me to lend my expertise to one of their shows and things grew from there.


what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

trust your intuition. it never leads you astray.


do you have a mantra you live by?

i am open and receptive to all the goodness and abundance the universe has to offer.

go-to lipstick color? 

nars fire down below. dubious name, excellent deep wine color. i use it sparingly on the daily as a lip tint with a little burt’s bees lip balm to top things off.


how would you describe your personal style? 

i’m essentially a jeans and t-shirt girl with a proclivity for wearing black. on camera and after dark i’m all about bold color and mini dresses.


what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to? 

i live in los angeles and my love of this place is a total cliche. the weather, the weather, the weather! but i also love its proximity to nature. from stunning mountain trails to beautiful beaches, i feel so lucky to live in concert with mother nature and also some of the most exceptional cultural institutions in the world. i’m also a bit of a foodie and this city has an incredible restaurant scene. my new favorite is sushi fumi. you have to wait in line, they don’t take reservations, but it’s well worth it.


ultimate getaway? 

i was born in dar es salaam, tanzania and haven’t been back since i was a child. my ideal getaway would be to spend a week on safari in the serengeti.


guilty pleasure? 

chocolate, and a delicious cocktail. not necessarily in that order!


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